One of the Many Ways That The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles Gets It Right

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I probably would not be able to count the number of different kinds of wrong assumptions made by well-meaning people who first become interested in Metaphysics and in applying the Law of Attraction. Magical, paranormal results seem to be the expected result.

"I visualized and I affirmed, however I'm still in the same place"

"I changed my beliefs, however, I must need a more high-tech way of doing it, such as NLP, because so far, it is not working".

I'd bet that they think something, maybe a book or manuscript, should suddenly appear from the ethers, leaning against their door the next morning with a map to their particular desire.

Here are a couple of passages from Science of Getting Rich which clarifies my upcoming point:

"If you want a sewing machine, for instance, I do not mean to tell you that you are to impress the thought of a sewing machine on Thinking Substance until the machine is formed without hands, in the room where you sit, or elsewhere.

... It will be brought to you by the power of the Supreme Intelligence, acting upon the minds of men. If you live in Maine, it may be that a man will be brought from Texas or Japan to engage in some transaction which will result in your getting what you want."

(With this next one, the capitalized words are Wallace's )

"The action of thought in getting rich is fully explained in the preceding chapters; your faith and purpose positively impress your vision upon Formless Substance, which has THE SAME DESIRE FOR MORE LIFE THAT YOU HAVE; and this vision, received from you,sets all the creative forces at work IN AND THROUGH THEIR REGULAR CHANNELS OF ACTION, but directed toward you."

The key phrases, for me, are: "It will be brought to you by the power of the Supreme Intelligence, acting upon the minds of men"

and ...


That object or circumstance, whatever it is you desire, whether or not it is a 2006 Corvette Z06, a vacation cabin in the woods, or just an Ipod, will appear through regular channels, as seen by everyone else around you who just expect to have things happen in their normal, 3-dimensional ways!

Just because someone knows about and applies the Powerful Principles that most of us are now remembering, it doesn't mean that he/she can violate a particular Universal Law.

This particular principle being one that is not going to allow something to happen that would not correlate with the belief systems of millions of others who unfortunately live small, believe that they are Acted upon by Life as helpless victims, and will not accept anything out of the ordinary.

Meaning: Powerfully Seeing and Feeling the Reality of an Ipod will not materialize it while others are present, even if you are very advanced. This is part of what I believe Wattles was trying to say. However the particular desire, or something better will come, through a normal channel:

Someone might just give you one, or you get a surprise refund from the IRS, etc.

Successful, wealthy people ( I say wealth, as in not just in money itself) who live in modern civilizations like ours, create their results in ways that won't blow people's minds

- through the existing ways of commerce, or winning a sweepstakes, etc..

We, by using the principles in books such as Science of Getting Rich this, are in fact doing things the easy way, the non-struggling, the Inside-Out approach of seeing and feeling As If, and feeling the gratitude of possessing that objective..

We create those luscious, wonderful circumstances in the normal channels that others expect - however things just simply work soo much easier and only *WE* seem to know that and enjoy how smoothly life flows!

If we desire a particular car, as an example:

- We see it in our mind's eye as if were true now

- We do not hold a negative, pining, attachment to having to have it.

- We pay attention to the evidence and the signs that show up

If the Universe doesn't see a way of creating it by any other means than money, than it will use the quickest means of existing channels to create it. This may mean you have an urge to apply a particular skill, and you apply that skill, market it, and you have the money for the car.

I have nothing against books that discuss visualization techniques where you imagine your desire in a pink bubble, and then you release it. (After all, most of these do end up discussing the necessity of being aware and following your gut feeling to drive or walk to a particular place.)

However, I appreciate Wattles' explanations of how to not lose faith in the "metaphysical" just because things will not magically appear from thin air.

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