Our Fascination with Pop Culture and What It Says About Us

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I took a look at the top 500 hits on the Internet and found that at least 90% of them are related to pop culture. Who is dating who, singers, actors, gossip, etc. Why are we so fascinated with these larger than life stars? Why do we care?

I am fascinated with the list of possibilities. How can the fact that Mr. Movie Star is having an affair with Ms. Movie Star have any impact on our day to day life? I think that there is an underlying desire for escaping one's own life. It is easy to live vicariously through the media. At least someone out there is doing something other than living an ordinary life. But what does this cost us energetically?

If we get what we focus on and create our life by our thoughts, what message are we sending out? By the mere fact of seeking this information, it is sending a message out that our lives are not worthy of attention. There is something lacking. It is sometimes painful to take inventory of our own lives. It is easier to keep focused "out there." What is the underlying message sent out to the Universe? "My life is so boring and so lacking in interest, I care more about people I have never met and most likely will never meet." Wow! What is it about what they are doing that resonates with you? Is it something you have wanted to do for as long as you remember? Instead of reading about them doing it, why not focus on how you can do it?

Does it seem impossible? What would be a smaller version of what it is that they are doing, that you could focus on? Allow yourself to dream. See yourself doing those things, traveling to those places, making huge sums of money, living in grand houses. Why not you? Do you have an underlying belief that only "those people" can live a grand life, and you settle for reading about it? That is a good place to start. Examine your beliefs. How do you feel when you compare your life to the person that you are reading about? Do feelings of not being worthy come up? Why are you not worthy? Why do you think that they are? Become a detective of your beliefs. Do they serve you? Do they limit you? Where did you get those beliefs to begin with? Are they really true? Who told you that? Can you see how by just asking questions you have become more engaged in your life?

Now you have something about you that interests you? Do you see how asking one question can lead to many more questions? The powerful thing about this process is that by merely asking the questions in the right way (a positive way) your subconscious mind is instantly getting busy to provide you with answers. So instead of asking why someone else has something you want, ask yourself, "How can I get that?" Then wait for answers that will present themselves in opportunities and people that will appear in your life to provide you with your desires.

Are you now thinking about making some changes in your own life and care less about the latest gossip? If so, then I applaud you for being open to creating some real change in your life.

Making changes easy...

Nancy Heimstra, Life Coach

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