Quick Tips On Becoming The Best In Your Field

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Want to be the best in your field?

Edward W. Smith, motivational speaker, author and TV show host, who specializes in quick tips on how to move your life ahead even faster, offers the following advice.

First move your decision to be the best, into a commitment. Let everyone know you plan to be the best and make it a written goal. Next take a positive attitude towards you becoming the best and begin to use mental imagery and affirmations to give you the mental boost you need to carry you through the work involved in becoming the best. Then, take an inventory of the skills, experience, knowledge, etc. needed to be the best in your field. Next put together a plan to start acquiring this knowledge and put it into action. Constantly ask yourself if every action you take is moving you towards being the best in your field. Since every field undergoes change over time, monitor what new skills are needed and what others can be dropped, so you continually target the cutting edge of your field. Finally, ask for help from those who can help speed up your progress and get a mentor to guide you along the path to being the best.

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Edward W. Smith is the author of Sixty Seconds To Success, hosts and produces the Bright Moment TV show, is a motivational speaker, is president of the Bright Moment Seminars, and publishes a free, daily, email of the One Minute Motivator.

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