You Too Can Have Charisma

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Do you know anyone that everyone seems to be drawn to? You continue to watch as this person moves around the room attracting and chatting with and making friends with many people.

What do they have that you don't think you have? Charisma.

Professor of psychology Howard Friedman (University of California-Riverside) is a specialist in non-verbal communication. He defines charisma as "a certain presence."

When charismatic people enter a room, their mere presence draws attention and their energy may radiate to enliven the entire gathering. At the core of this charisma, says Friedman, is "a basic self-confidence" and the ability to project this to others.

Look inside, you have the makings for charisma too.

Charisma is that special quality of magnetism that each person has and that each person uses to a certain degree. The people who look up to you, who respect and admire you, the members of your family and your friends and co-workers would probably say that they find you charismatic.

Why? Because whenever one person feels a positive emotion towards another, he imbues that person with charisma

To develop charisma, you just need to learn how the charismatic person acts and how they think. You too will be able to inspire people, ignite their enthusiasm, persuade them to see things your way, and do what you want them to-without creating defensiveness or resentment.

You see, that's the beauty of charisma. Charisma doesn't turn you into a crafty trickster, pulling the wool over people's eyes and fooling them. When you unleash your charisma -- which is really just saying when you live and speak authentically, from a place of "inner truth" -- people will naturally want to be on your side.

Article by Jeannie Crabtree. Learn how to develop Self Confidence and Charisma. The Power Of "Charisma" will guide you step by step.

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