Aerodynamic Inflatable Wing Gates for STOL

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Low speed flight characteristic are crucial to safety. Those aircraft that have good flight characteristics at low speeds are favored by pilots and the companies, military, NGO or private individuals who operate them. One way to increase positive slow speed flight characteristics is to install vertical gates on top of the wings of the aircraft to keep the air flowing over the wing at slow speeds. The only problem is that at high speeds these gates may also cause increased parasite drag which effects performance.

I propose inflatable wing gates to pop up on modern day aircraft to allow for slower stall speeds on landing. This will increase tire and decrease landing speeds for increased safety. Additionally it will assist the aircraft by decreasing take roll. The gates on the end of the wing will also change the stall and spin characteristics for better handling in critical flight situations while preventing unpredictable departures from flight. These gates will be filled with ram air prior to landing or approaching high angles of attack or stall speeds. Before takeoff these inflatable gates will blown up into place with small canisters. The gates will use the same air in the lines which are cross fed so that one gate cannot come up or stay up without the other. The gates will fold straight up and recessed into the wing with a panel, which pops outward. The hinges will be on the side closest to the end of the wing not the fuselage as to not upset the already turbulent airflows at high angles of attack or near stall speeds. Think on this concept.

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