What Causes Aging?

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Although we experience the aging process as a progressive physical deterioration of our bodies, the aging process, according to some preliminary case studies appears to be more easily understood at another level of our being.

This is what is called the energy bio-field level. Many of us have heard of the term "aura". Well this is in a small way a reperesentation of that energy bio-field. This bio-field has been shown (see Michael Talbot's "The Holographic Universe") to contain embedded in it one's entire life history.

In other words, what you experience as your personality, your consciousness and the memories of your life appear to be stored in this bio-field in energy form.

I have over the last ten years been working with a new tool called the Mind Resonance Process(TM) that heals an individual of past emotional traumas which are stored in their consciousness and hence in their bio-field.

I have made repeated anecdotal observations that reveal that when such trauma is released by MRP an individual begins not only to feel younger but actually starts to "look" younger. These observations have inspired me to try to document the changes by monitoring age related markers such as DHEA levels and testosterone levels in middle aged men in upcoming studies.

It is known that both DHEA and testosterone levels decline in a rather predictable manner in mid life. I am planning to administer MRP to men in this age bracket to show whether MRP can be shown to reverse these trends.

What does this all mean? Well, it suggests that aging is related to the accumulated "emotional" trauma that we experience and "carry" in our bio-field as toxic information. This toxic information then cascades down (see "The Divine Holographic Energy Field") and disrupts the functioning and integrity of the physical body at all levels. The result is illness and aging.

What I am now seeing with MRP is that this information can be released permanently and that this appears to "re-organize" the bio-field so that it can heal the body spontaneously. This appears then to manifest as a more youthful and healthy body.

Aging then, at the bio-field level appears to be the result of an accumulation of toxic traumatic emotional memories stored there as disruptive information. What is interesting is that all of this can be cleared (see "Eliminating the Past" and "We Are Not Our Persoanlities")with MRP.

So the next question is, is aging really necessary? In an article entitled "Do You Love Your Body?" I make the point that it is the toxic environment created by this stored toxic information, at the bio-field level, that "convinces" or "forces" us to abandon, our physical bodies. If this environment were cleaned up however would there be as much motivation for one to choose to jettison their body? I doubt it.

I elaborate on this in a longer article entitled " A Tuned Bio-Field: A New Definition of Consciousness" (Parts 1 &2).

Dr. Nick Arrizza is trained in Chemical Engineering, Business Management & Leadership, Medicine and Psychiatry. He is a Key Note Speaker, Author of "Esteem for the Self: A Manual for Personal Transformation" (available in ebook format at;, Stress Management Coach, Peak Performance Coach & Researcher, Specializes in Life and Executive Performance Coaching, is the Developer of a powerful new tool called the Mind Resonance Process(TM) that helps build physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being by helping to permanently release negative beliefs, emotions, perceptions and memories. He holds live workshops, international telephone coaching sessions and international teleconference workshops on Physical. Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Well Being.

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