Cell Phone Security. How Vulnerable Are You?

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There have been significant improvements made recently in cellular phone security. But be careful. Read on for valuable information to protect yourself.

Just remember that wireless phone conversations are transmitted over radio frequencies and these transmissions are not secure. However, analog cell phones are not as secure as digital or personal communications service phones. Low cost, easy to get, radio scanners are used to eavesdrop on phone conversations using analog wireless phones. With digital wireless phones, the conversations are encoded and are much more difficult to be listened in on. However, it is much more difficult to eavesdrop on conversations using personal communications service phones as your conversation is transmitted over multiple frequencies that may be scrambled. These conversations are impossible for interception.

Cloning is a term used to describe illegally charged calls to someone else's account. The cost to cell phone service providers is astronomical. Digital wireless phones are difficult to clone compared to analog cell phones.

If your wireless phone is stolen, contact your cell phone service provider right way to have your service suspended. Each cell phone provider has its only policy concerning exactly how much you will be billed for local and long distance calls, so it is imperative that you notify your cell phone service provider immediately.

Cell phone insurance is available in cases of theft or loss of your mobile phone. Your cell phone service provider will be able to tell you about cell phone insurance.

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