Cell Phones - The New Media

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Every day, there are more new uses for the classic cell phones. These days, people have come to the conclusion that they read their emails, pay their fees or play games with their friends and that they can do all these things through their cell phones. The basic function of a phone, even if it is a cell phone is that of a voice communication device. It is being quickly replaced with new options that attract people. We can use the cell phones as credit cards to buy products or services, read articles on the Internet or even take wonderful pictures.

The new improvements in the field and the constant developing of the technologies give cell phones the chance to offer highly attractive opportunities for their users. The use of cell phones globally brought them to the top position on the list of communication devices. The word "communication" has a new meaning. Nowadays technology allows cell phone users to explore their new applications at increased capacities.

The success of the Internet access using cell phones has reasons that include the main disadvantages of their competition, the personal computers. Cell phones don't need a great deal of space, like ordinary desktop or even laptop computers do, they usually are cheaper than fixed telephones and they don't require any landline infrastructures. These reasons made cell phones successful in almost all the countries around the world. Cell phones have become modern communication interfaces. They have a huge potential in changing our relationship to space. The newest cell phones are definitely cutting edge communication tools and they capable to create new social environments and to give a new meaning to today's media concepts.

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