Cell phone Etiquette. The Do?s and Don?ts

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With more and more people buying cell phones, it becomes more significant to know how to use your cell phone without looking obnoxious. Cell phones play an important role in our lives, but cell phone rage, like road rage, air rage and general rage is rising. Here are some tips for cell phone etiquette.

Out with a group of friend(s) and your cell phone rings? Excuse yourself from the group and take the call elsewhere. Taking the call elsewhere will not disrupt the flow of conversation within the group.

With a friend and the cell phone rings? Keep the call short and sweet. Otherwise, it gives the appearance that the friend you are with is less important that the caller.

Out on a date? The point of the date is to be able to spend time to get to know the other person. I would suggest that you disregard such calls. The romance is lost by the sound of the ringtones of your cell phone. Your date will appreciate your undivided attention.

It's a good idea to put your cell phone on vibrate when in restaurants, theaters, churches, weddings and funerals. When I'm out in a restaurant, I feel like asking for the non cell phone ringing section. Like many others, it is not often do I get to spend a quiet evening away from the children, work or other distractions. An evening going out to dinner with my husband is supposed to be relaxing, and we do not enjoy being distracted overhearing how wonderful your life has become since you started using Viagra.

I was in a movie theater once and someone's cell phone rang and the individual took the call. Someone else in the theater did not react well to the intrusive call and started shouting at the cell phone user. The cell phone user ignored the cell phone raged individual and the focus of the movie was lost and everyone's attention was on these two people. While nothing came of the incident, a relaxing evening out with my husband was lost. I felt like asking for our money back. The next time we will.

There is no question that cell phones are an important part of our lives. Use cell phones with good manners. Everyone will appreciate it.

P.S. ? As for ringtones? Not all people will appreciate listening to the latest pop tune or classical music each and every time your cell phone rings. May I suggest using the vibrate feature instead of your ringtones in a public place.

Catherine Kenyeres is a free lance writer and publisher for Catherine provides the latest information, reviews and comparisons for cell phone clients.

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