International Calling Made Simpler And Cheaper

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When people make international calls from their cell phones or land lines they often have to be aware of what time they are calling, and even where they are calling from. This is because international rates can skyrocket through the course of a day. Things are not much different with traditional phone companies. International phone rates are generally extremely high with major phone carriers, so many people are forced to limit the number of calls they make outside of the United States each month.

Prepaid Long Distance

Prepaid international phone accounts can greatly reduce the costs involved when placing calls overseas, and to Canada, Mexico, Asia and South America.

Pin Free Service

Prepaid phone accounts function in a similar way to calling cards. However, they do not require a pin number to make a call. Callers can access their accounts through a toll free number, or through a local access number that works in their area. Using a local access number will actually reduce the already low rates by one cent per minute.

Prepaid international calling can save people with family and friends in other countries a considerable amount of money. It is also beneficial for people who are traveling. Callers can connect to their accounts through an access number from almost anywhere.

Managing Prepaid Long Distance Accounts

Signing up for a prepaid long distance account can be done quickly online. As soon as your credit card is verified, your account is ready to go, and you can begin making long distance calls. You can keep track of your prepaid long distance account online. The customer management system allows you to view monthly bills and credit card charges, and it grants you access to exclusive offers and speed dial maintenance.

At any time, you can recharge your account. This means that if you run into a problem while you're on the road, you can quickly add money to your account.

Bernard Pragides is the owner of and has been in the telecom business since 1997. His website offers prepaid long distance from Tel3Advantage. Main Features are PIN free dialing and cheaper quality rates. You may contact him via email at

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