Protect Your One and Only Brain From Cell Phone Radiation

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Cell Phones have become a part and parcel of everybody's life. They are no more the nifty gadget that a selected few carried around. They are carried around like the life depends on it. This is true, isn't it, how many relationships have broken because someone forgot to take that all important call because they left behind or lost their cell phone. The cell phones are now the digital tracking device for spouses and businesses alike. One could be contacted anywhere on earth at any time of the day, because of the cell phones. These nifty gadgets work at close proximity to our brain, and you have to be cautious about this. After all everyone just gets to have one, and just only one brain unlike the eyes or ears. Each and every part of the brain controls a big "Human Feature Set". All small damage to a minute portion may stop your ability to speak or move one of the muscles. When there is so much debate about whether they radiation out of the cell phones can cause brain cancer or tumor or other yet Unknown diseases, you got to listen as a skeptic. Unless there is 100% proof that the radiations don't cause any problems you got to be on side that considers this harmful.

Now wait a minute am I trying to scare you off from one of the most useful tool invented in this century. No, I am trying to bring home the point that you have to consider this issue a little bit more seriously. There are two ways to protect you from these damages. The first is through the hands free products like the speaker phone. These reduce the damage caused if any because they are not near your brain and they can be kept at safe distances while you speak. This is a must have, as this also solves the other deadly by product of cell phone usage, accidents. This is mandated by law to have hands free products. Once again people want to have the phones closer to their ears and they en dup in wireless headsets. The main reason is privacy; they don't want anyone else to hear about the conversation on the phone. This is not possible on the speaker phones. The other important technology that has evolved is the cell phone radiation protectors; these allow you to work the cell phone in a typical posture. Do you know that the problem exists for the handset in your home phone as well?

Cell phones work using both the electrical and magnetic energy, the voice modulations are transmitted as digital or analog signals using these waves. This happens at the speed of light. They work at very low frequencies. Similar to X Rays they pose some health hazards as well. There is the part where they are capable of effecting different chemical reactions. This is the most hazardous effect as we have very delicate tissues within the head that is the main reason we are born with the hard skull. "But man's inventions has surpassed our natural evolution pace", and our evolution has provided us with the capacity to think and prevent hazardous elements from our life. The next important problem the radiations pose is the problem of cooking your brain, they work similar to the microwave oven, when sent at prolonged intervals they fry your tissues. A simple test is to feel your ears after you have had a long conversation against the temperature on the other ear. The electronic circuitry also makes heat radiations but they are usually suppressed by the cell phone covers. The electro magnetic radiations need special radiation protectors that can safeguard you and your "only one" brain from these harmful radiation. You can read further on these safe guard radiation protectors that claim to absorb 80-90% of all radiations from the resource given below. Be cautious and make use of this cheap but useful add-on's to protect you from the unknown but potentially hazardous issues.

The Safe Guard Radiation Protector absorbs 80% to 99% of induced electro-magnetic waves and actually improves reception sensitivity during phone use. You can visit the online store to purchase Safe Guard Radiation Protectors at Author recommends as your one stop source for Online Dictionary lookup.

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