Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation

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With cell phones quickly becoming an important part of our everyday lives, it's frightening to think that the radiation from cellular phones may cause health problems. Even though claims about the dangers of cell phones are unsubstantiated, that hasn't stopped various marketers from selling cellular accessories alleging to protect consumers from harmful radiation.

Since cellular phones are a new technology, there are no long term studies to prove or disprove claims about their dangers. Various studies have attempted to link radiation from cell phones to memory problems, fatigue, headaches, and insomnia. Some researchers have also suggested that children who use cellular phones may be at an increased risk for problems since their bodies are not yet fully developed.

There have been many types of cellular accessories that have claimed to protect consumers from dangerous cell phone radiation. The manufacturers of these products have relied on fear and paranoia to market devices with no scientific validity. WaveShield, WaveShield 1000, WaveShield 2000, and other products designed to protect users from cell phone radiation have been proven ineffective. In fact, the Waveshield products were the subject of a 2003 FTC complaint. The main problem with these cellular accessories is that they cover the earpiece of the phone, when the electromagnetic energy that may cause problems comes from the antenna and other internal components.

You don't need to spend your hard-earned money on cellular accessories to protect against radiation. If you are concerned about the possible harmful effects of cell phone radiation, you can follow FTC recommendations to help protect yourself. The FTC recommends that consumers concerned about radiation limit cell phone use to short conversations, use a hands-free headset, and avoid using cell phones in areas with poor signals. Of course, complete avoidance of cell phones will eliminate any possible risk associated with radiation exposure.

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