We Have Compiled a List of Wireless Cell Phones General Cautions and Warnings

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For the most part, wireless cell phones are safe. And who could deny the convenience and freedom they have bought to our lives. Wireless cell phones bring our family and friends closer and allows us to do transact business more conveniently than ever. But, take note as we compiled a list of general cautions that you should be aware of.

Never place your wireless phone in the microwave as it will explode.

Coins, paperclips or pens in your purse, bag or pocket may short circuit the + or ? terminals of your mobile phone battery. (Hint: the metal strips on the battery.)

Do not disassemble your cellular phone.

Do not sit weighty objects on the power cord. Furthermore, do not crimp the power cord as it may cause a fire or electrical shock.

Do not take or receive calls when your cellular while charging the phone as it might short circuit your cellular phone causing electrical shock or fire.

Do not bend, twist or heat the power cord. Do not use the plug if you notice that it is loose. This can cause a fire or electrical shock.

The power plug must be firmly connected. This might result in extreme heat or fire.

As we said in the beginning of this article, wireless phones are very safe if used correctly. We wish to enlighten our cellular phone customers about proper use of their new cellular phones.

Catherine Kenyeres is a free lance writer and publisher for Catherine provides the latest information, reviews and comparisons for cell phone clients.

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