Its Game Time! Four Powerful Lessons in the Game of Life

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I turned 29 last week, and if statistics are right and I die on or around my 78th birthday, I am almost 40% done. In a numbers game, that is pretty close to half way. This had me thinking about when I played basketball in high school and college. I thought most about the half time events in the locker room.

Whether we were winning or losing at half time, the whole team gathered in the locker room and the coach would give us a talk. There were two major topics we discussed. One was to reflect on what went right and wrong in the first half, and the other was to decide what our strategy was in the second half so we could win.

Thinking of that and my life, I decided to reflect on how I wanted to feel going into the locker room at halftime.

Stay Disciplined. At halftime, I definitely want my coach to say I was disciplined. Now that I finally figured out the direction I want my life to take, I have been pretty disciplined about accomplishing my goals. I deserve to continue on that path and honor my desires with persistence and patience. Often coaches ask their players to be and stay disciplined in carrying out the game plan they have developed. So far, my game plan has worked well. Now I need to keep on it and finish well.

Take more risks. Life rewards those who take risks. This is all about trusting yourself. If you cannot take a risk on yourself, you are going nowhere. Use your instincts and intuition, make decisions and see what happens. When I played basketball with my brother, he LOVED diving on the floor for a loose ball. There were days he succeeded and days he didn't. Sure he got bruises and floor burns, but that was the risk he took. We won a few big games because of that risk, and that was worth it in itself.

Enjoy the game. I remember my high-school coach saying: "go out there and have fun." Those words ring true today as well. We deserve to have fun in our game of life. Aside from the winning and discipline, what good is it if it isn't fun? My wife always reminds me it is the journey that is more important than the destination. So I am going to make sure that I am having fun along the way.

Cherish your team. I look around at all the people who will help me succeed in my game of life, MY team. My Mom, Dad, Brother, Wife, friends and family. If we neglect our team, there is no way we will feel victorious at the end. I have asked myself: How can I spend more time with them? Show my love for them? Help them in their game? Get to know your team. All athletes know that great team dynamics lead to victories. Even a well played game that is lost, sill has great feelings and stories.

Those are the things I think about as I approach my half time of life. It may be the last 5 minutes for all I know. I have decided to make whatever time is left, the best.

CHALLENGE This week I challenge you to look at your game. What is your game plan that you have developed? What risks are you taking? What is one thing you do on a daily basis to have fun? Who is someone on your team you can contact RIGHT NOW to let them know you appreciate them? Who is your coach?

Jeffrey St.Laurent graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a BS in Exercise Science. He holds current certifications from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant and from the American Red Cross for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Additionally, he is certified through BodyTrainingSystems as a Group Fitness instructor and National Trainer & Presenter. Jeff travels throughout North America giving workshops and providing continuing education to health clubs, personal trainers and group exercise professionals on exercise science, motivation and improving teaching / coaching skills.

Jeff is certified by one of the most highly acclaimed coach training institutions in the United States, The Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching, iPEC Coaching. His passion for helping people from his health and fitness background has turned into a fierce desire to EMPOWER people to do it themselves through coaching.

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