Simple Tips to Move Forward on the Job

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Someone I know wants to move into another job in the same company. It is not a management job. It's a job as an assistant safety coordinator.

She knows very little about company safety practices at any business. She is ready to learn.

The first task she needs to do for herself is to find out why she wants to advocate and prepare herself for a different job. Without a goal directed toward a different job, and specifically directed towards this one, her energy and focus will be superficial. It is important that she write out reasons to make this shift. They do not have to be lengthy or academic. Clear, direct reasons for getting a different job, and one where she has no experience, are the bedrock of making a serious job change.

Next, does she have transferable skills for the change in jobs? Can she do the work? What does an assistant safety officer do? She needs to "interview" her business safety officer to find out what her/his job is really like. Diplomacy is necessary in interviewing someone in their job when the interviewer is an employee at the same business. Telling the safety officer that you are a learner only is a good way to make that person feel comfortable in sharing information.

It is wise to make this clear in establishing a trusting relationship for both employees. Making a proposal to the safety officer is a good idea; a proposal about what the other person can offer the safety officer. It can be a mutually helpful relationship over time.

(to be continued)

Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A., Certified Job & Career Transition Coach;


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