Copywriting: Engage Prospects By Involving Their Senses

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Imagine a bland, colorless existence. Where food had no taste, silence surrounded you and everything smelled the same.

Not very appealing, is it?

Now imagine a crisp, fall morning. The sun is burning away the last of a lazy fog. Robins are singing sweetly on branches covered with bright yellow leaves. You swing gently on a creaky porch swing, sipping your Chocolate Caramel Latte and thinking about how much better this is than the first paragraph.

Did you see it? Did you hear the Robin, and the creaky swing? Did you taste the coffee?

Most importantly, did you notice how much easier it was to get involved emotionally with the second scenario than it was the first?

Copywriting is most powerful when it connects with, and stirs up emotions in the reader. Engaging her senses with your copy draws your prospect in. It helps her see herself experiencing your product or service. And it starts forging that all-important emotional connection.

Of course, like any good technique, it can be overdone. You stimulate the senses by adding detail. But if you add too much, you just call attention to your writing. And that is the kiss of death to your response.

Notice I didn't say, "You swing gently on a hard, wooden porch swing, whose one-inch slats are light gray, faded and splintery, and whose metal chain is rusted, stiff and creaky." That's a bit much, unless maybe you're selling a new porch swing. I also didn't have to describe the taste of the coffee. Naming the flavor told you all you needed to know.

You don't want to jam too much sensory input into one message, either. Ever walked into a candle or import store that was burning incense? So strong that it made your eyes water and your nose clog up? It didn't make you want to buy anything, did it?

Sensory details should be sprinkled through your copy like fresh ground pepper on a crisp garden salad. A little ads flavor. A lot calls attention to itself and ruins the whole experience.

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