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I imagine you are the type of person who really wants to make your idea a reality. I also think that you fall into one of two groups; the first is a person who WANTS to succeed but does not know how. The second is the person who has read so many books on great marketing and still can't find the HOLY GRAIL so does not get of the ground.

Are you fed up of reading about everyone else's success? What about you're share of all this wealth flying across the internet?

Read on.

Times have changed, they always change; change is the only constant.

Internet marketing and E books covering subjects such as E commerce now rank amongst the highest growing movement towards work from home culture since the start of the industrial revolution. The birth of the internet has accelerated this culture now called the "new industrial revolution".

Any search engine such as Google, AOL and Yahoo will almost always list companies like EBay and many other online auctions sites. The reason is simple; it allows a platform for you to make money from your home computer.

Most people start out as buyers on EBAY; then graduate to sellers and start to "trade". At this end of the market the majority of internet commerce expansion is taking place. Broadband is now allowing more sophisticated mediums to send your message to potential customers. Multi-Media-Marketing

E Books?

E Books are sold in their thousands through online commerce sites every day. This clearly shows that the market expansion is now rising from what was once considered a consumer driven base is now in a position to become the global retailer!

How to sell anything to anyone; this is a very short look at important considerations when selling in writing or face to face. Some call it manipulation some call it marketing; you draw the line where ever you wish.


The five finger rule is so called because of how I teach it; it goes something like this.

You must lead your prospect five times before you make your statement. Let us assume that we are talking to a prospect face to face but remember this is even easier in writing.

We call it a "pacing formula" in terms of NLP (New Language Patterns). This is how simple it is to work?

Make four pacing statements

(What is a pacing statement?) A statement that requires the prospect to reply in the positive. If they told you their name (Jason) then your first pacing statement might be, "Did you say your name was Jason?" I have a friend who is called Jason (That reply had two pacing comments).

I know that sound a little basic but look what you did. You know everyone loves the sound of their name; you got it back to them twice! And you got them to say yes twice, in the first sentence.

Then we have the "leading" statement (which as you will see is your goal). A leading statement is a comment that gets around the conscious mind to place a suggestion in it, consistent with the previous mind set (all yes replies). The leading statement is normally something that you wish to make them see, feel or imagine happening.

Sometimes this simple formula is so powerful you can get a little too confident and start abusing it, we suggest you don't.

Here is the full explanation for the first time.

Until you have got the correct order of doing things I would like to suggest you use your fingers to keep track of your conversation. You will understand why in a moment.

Using one hand spread the five fingers; each finger is going to represent a pacing or leading statement, so here are the basic instructions.

? We are going to make four pacing and one leading statement to start.

? Next we make three pacing and two leading

? Next we are going to make two pacing and three leading

? Finish by using one pacing followed by four leading statements.

Read that again if you did not fully understand it (please). It is important you fully comprehend what is happening above and why.

Using the above conversation or written hypnotic templates here is an example of what the above looks like in print and conversation.

Using this method you are giving a strong impression that everything we say can be verified without question. It "feels" real and logical to your prospect or clients. We set the tone because the pacing statements confirm what we say is REAL (In the mind of your prospect).

I will include in brackets below the letters "P" AND "L" to represent the part when you should use the two methods.

Let us assume we already know the name of our prospect, we will call her Julie and we are sitting in my office on a sunny day.

"Julie, we meet at last, (P1) I'm Jason,(P2) wonderful day isn't it,(P3) I'm glad we managed to get together here in my office today(P4) so we can sort out that deal we want to close today(L1)."

"Julie, you may be wondering how we get the best of what we both want(P1), I know some people tell you what you want to hear (P2) I'm not a mind reader (P3) I think things have a way of feeling just right (L1) a way of removing the hurdles using instinct (L2)."

Shall we get straight to the point? (P1) I know you're a busy woman (P2) and you have other people to see (P3), I believe this project has a fine future (L1) and with the combination of your knowledge and our skills we should make a great partnership (L2). I can see this good for all of us (L3).

"True, some people are excited about the prospect of this merger (P1) I am sure we will see (L1) we can make a great team (L2) your company (L3) and ours (L4) over the next two years (L5)."

I think we have explained enough for you to understand what is being said here. Use your five fingers to keep track of the pace and lead statements.

Each time you make a pace statement bend one of your fingers inward. When you get to the required number make a Leading statement. Using the fingers this way helps you learn faster.

Now sit back and see how easy it is to use the formula to make powerful conversations or printed ads for your product or service. Below is an example of the formula that was used in a printed email campaign.

Remember that the formula is in this ad but I am not going to place the pace or lead statements in obvious sight, see if you can find them. Test yourself on knowing why I am saying something the way I do.

Printed formula

New marketing ideas are rare, someone has almost certainly thought of it before. Yet there is an idea that has sat alone for years because few if any know how to use. Fortunately there are still a few teachers of covert communication left to show you how to make a profit from these methods.

Our book contains the basic structure of persuasion, it strips away all the buzzwords and hype to leave you with a solid foundation for your own profit

Your curiosity should be allowed to see what it is that can change the minds of many.

That went out a few months ago about an E book, the book here is not important. What is important is the formula that helps understand why some things work and some don't.

I hope I have provided you with a sample of what you could learn from my other publications. From

About the Author: Jason Rife 25 years in hypnotherapy and 5 years as senior lecturer at Kings College London on advanced hypnosis. Is the founder president of NLPology and editor of The NLPologist, a FREE newsletter on psychological mastery of marketing. A collection of websites which provides a wealth of informative articles, tips and resources on everything you'll ever need to know about selling yourself, your service and products across the world using the internet. He is also a professional psychic entertainer based in the UK.

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