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Finding Out Why a Potential Customer is Calling On You

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Our challenge as the business owner/sales person answering the telephone, is to build rapport with the caller, quickly and easily.

In most cases, the caller has been told something about you and your product or service. It is your job to find out exactly what they are calling about without asking that question directly. Most businesses have a number of products or services that they offer. Talking about all of your products and services to the caller may be a waste of time, if they have only one particular interest they are inquiring about. How can you find out why they are specifically calling?

Here is a question you can ask that will give you a clear indication of what product a caller is interested in, or what problem a caller wants you to solve with your service.

"What was it about the brochure (or business card, ad, promotional material, etc.) that attracted your attention?" or "What was it that Betty (the person who referred you to the caller) said that made you decide to call?"

The person's answer to this question will reveal what their problem or need is. Your job here is to listen. Listen 80% of the time and ask good questions the other 20% of the time.

Once you have heard why the person is calling, you can then direct your attention to solving their problem. This will maximize your time with them and increase you chances of a successful sale.

Practice this with a colleague and see and feel how natural this question can be for you.

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