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Did You Loose Your Windows XP Password? What Should You Have Done Before it Happened?

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There is a common problem that happens with lot of computer users. This problem is the loss of a password. It happens to many of us due to the enormous number of application we use.

Also, it can happen due to other reasons, like forgetting to keep the passwords in a safe place, or failing to update your password list after a change was made to it.

In this case, when you need to recall the password, you will be surprised to find out, that your password list doesn't help you since you forgot to update your record.

Without a doubt, losing access to your computer is disastrous and is near impossible to regain, if you can't recall your password.

You will lose all your saved work, applications, programs, and whatever you have saved on your computer. You will have to go through a new installation, which is time consuming.

This is assuming you still can locate your original CD-ROM and registration key.

The best solution to this big problem is to prevent it if you can. You may not be able to prevent this problem from happening, that is the loss of access to your Windows XP computer.

However, there is one simple tool you can use right away that will prepare you to regain access to your computer. Even if you lost the password, and unable to recall it at all.

The trick is to use the tool before the problem happens. Once you prepare yourself, and get the toll ready, you will be able to regain access to your computer.

Here is the solution: Creating a reset disk.

When you are logged on you computer, you open the control panel from the Start Menu, and click open the user accounts option. Is is an icon inside the control panel window.

Now, another window will open, with the title user accounts. In the top left side of this window, you will see "Related Tasks". Under the relate tasks, there is a link that says : "prevent a forgotten password".

Once you click on this link, a wizard will open that will guide you in two steps to create a "Password Reset Disk". It will prompt you to enter a formatted floppy disk, and then it will create the disk.

The resulting disk will let you reset the password in case you lost the password. What you do is click on the "?" or help in the login box, so the system will prompt you to enter the Reset password disk you created before.

Once you enter the floppy disk, and hit ok, you will be presented with a box with three inputs. The first is the new password, the second is the password confirmation, and the third is the password hint.

In summary, creating a reset password disk, will save you lots of trouble, time, and loss of data. It is simple, and you can use this method on any Windows Xp computer, whether home, or Pro. edition. Don't delay it, create your disk once you are done reading this article.

Thanks, George Chamoun

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