A Real Man

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Something I find 100% humor in is the fact that men are so quick to call women bitches. Well I will hold my " #1 Bitch " badge with honor! Because you know what that says to me? I Got You! I am a bitch because you can't handle something I have said or done, that you, more than likely caused to begin with. We women, the majority of us are angels. We are precious, we are great until we do something against you. Then guess what? We become bitches. It is so funny how we only become that when you can't handle us. We are not livestock to be handled my friend.

We are women, class acts, the mother of your children, your girlfriends, your sisters, and mothers, taking no crap and free, as you are, to have our own opinions and thoughts. If that makes me a bitch so be it. I will wear the badge with pride. If there are any real men out there with enough confidence to handle being with a woman, a real woman, who knows what she wants, I am looking. Not for the faint of heart, no weak men need apply, no mama's boys, or all about themselves boys, no abusers of any kind, no drunks or druggies, no arrogant boys, no flings or one- night stand boys, as a matter of fact, NO BOYS! Real men, who are compassionate, love kids, love animals, loyal, faithful, can handle others opinions, loyal, faithful, appreciative, romantic, loyal, faithful, passionate, intelligent. respectful, did I mention loyal, and faithful? That should do it for now. That is a start and would get your foot in the door, to become a friend, first and foremost, and than I will consider letting you become more, if you can handle it, take the step..

Take care all of you!

Vaughn Pascal

To God and Jesus, Thank you, and please forgive my language.

To Bub; I love you.

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