Bachelor Dream

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Step aside Hugh Hefner. Elvis King is back in the building.

Bachelors, remember the guy in high school who got all the girls. Maybe he was the home coming king or the football captain. He's Probably not getting the girls any more. I am sure he married the home coming queen and has four kids by now. And you should see the fat little wife he has. But not you and the Loverboy Bachelor, your eternal bachelors. Why a bachelor at 56? Because I love it. There's nothing like the thrill of a new girl. A new date every single day. I hold the world record of beautiful young girlfriends 18 to 22 years old. (Girlfriends no pros) And I have came close a few times to giving it all up and marrying one of my dream girls. I frequent a few exotic fantasy islands. One of my favorite islands holds the Miss Universe crown. I laugh at poor Donald Trump knocking himself dead to find beautiful girls and he rarely gets lucky. And I know secret bachelor hide-aways where virtually no westerner has ever walked before. And If he ever was at one of my bachelor hide-aways he is probably one of those guys who just doesn't know how to pick up girls and went home empty handed. Wouldn't it have been nice if you could have been the best buddy of a rock star or a movie star who gets all the girls. Well you just got lucky. No rock star or movie star has ever had more girlfriends than your buddy Elvis.

I am not anscious to share my secrets or my dream girls, but Lucky for you I ran out of cash. If I hadn't lost all my cash no one would ever know my secret. If you have always envied the guy who gets all the girls. Nows your chance to get even and get lucky. If you are a friendly, fun loving guy with deep pockets join me on my Bachelor Dream Tour. Give Elvis an email and we can talk about it. We're not talking about taking 1000 guys to meet 100 girls. We're talking buddies one on one hanging out with dream girls. Just you, me and the chauffeur and your dream girl of the day. Even my chauffeur has hundreds of girlfriends. Just the luck of the draw getting the right job with the right guy. Forget online dating, dating services, singles bars, and forget the singles groups and your blue haired mommys. Give Elvis an email and we can talk about it. For a week or a lifetime you owe it to yourself to hang out with the King, Elvis King. Your buddies back home will never believe your story once you take the Bachelor Dream Tour with the Loverboy Bachelor. Truthfully you may not ever want to go back home. You don't have to be George Clooney or the perfect male model and the older gentlemen is welcome.

Elvis King specializes in finding that special dream girl or dream girls for the lonely, older man. His one on one Bachelor Dream Tours are becoming so popular that soon only the wealthiest men will be able to take the Bachelor Dream Tour do to the waiting list and popular demand. Email him at or join the group at


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Elvis King was born in Missippi and grew up in Menphis, Tennesse. He is a retired actor and singer. Not to be confused with the other Elvis. Elvis Presley.

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