Guys, Do Your Pickup Lines Always Get Met with Turn Downs?

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It's unbelievable how many guys have this problem!

I mean, you finally got the courage to walk up to that beautiful girl and tell her a pickup line that you thought sounded amazing and instead of her falling all over you, she acts cool and distant.

And basically tells you to get lost. Sound familiar?

If it does then you are one of the many men who haven't a clue what women want to hear when they first meet a new guy. And you obviously need some coaching with your pickup lines.

Being a reasonably attractive woman myself I've had experience with guys who have horrible pickup lines.

I've had guys try to start a conversation with me in the supermarket by (of all things) asking me about what I'm buying. Talk about a rotten pickup line!

Now, I don't know about you, but I get more than just a little uncomfortable when a stranger is analyzing my purchases.

This is just one example of the many different ways guys blunder trying out a pickup line or when trying to get a pretty girl to like them and find them interesting.

In this fast paced, high tech world women don't have as much time to just chat leisurely as they used to in simpler days.

Some people may not want it any other way, but in all this hustle and bustle women don't realize how many friendships, and relationships they've trash canned because they didn't "have the time".

So. Sadly, if you don't get a woman's interest in the first 30 seconds by one heck of a pickup line you've pretty much lost her for good.

She will dismiss you from her mind as she thinks about her schedule or plans for the day and won't even remember you a few days later.

There are exceptions to the rule of course, but generally you'll find this to be the case.

Just imagine how many guys approach a girl who is beautiful, smart, and talented every day with killer pickup lines. And imagine how many of those men she snubs and ignores their best pickup line.

Eventually this girl going to settle down with only one man. So if you want to have a chance at being that man you've got to stand apart from the crowd, from all the other guys who beg for her phone number and throw average pickup lines at her.

One way to do this (no matter how nervous you feel) is to ACTconfident. You do this by not fidgeting, looking her in the eye gently,casually keeping your arms at your sides (whatever you do don't cross them in front of you as this projects hostility).

If the situation calls for it be helpful, and always be kind. Women still love a chivalrous man who will open doors for them or call them a lady.

I beam whenever a man treats me this way, and he has my full attention whenever he speaks. Whatever you do don't use a pickup line that is coarse or rude in humor though, as this will instantly turn a woman off.

It's not a question of equality or women's lib, it's about making the woman feel special and beautiful, but at the same time treating her with respect and courtesy.

Until you get to know the girl better there are also lines you shouldn't cross. An excess of touching should be saved until you've known her for awhile, since the last thing you want is to make her uncomfortable around you.

In fact if she feels the same way about you that you do about her, she may either initiate more touching on her own (like hugs, and holding hands) or not be able to stop thinking about you. Wondering whether you like her or not.

Your next step? Put these tips on pickup lines to use and start making more women say yes to you.

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