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Debt Consolidation: Why And How This Strategy Often Backfires!

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Debt consolidation solutions, has found that as good as it sounds, debt consolidation loans rarely save you any money.

In fact, they usually backfire and you wind up with an even greater debt load than before.

Why does such a perfect sounding debt reduction mechanism often trap you into futher indebtedness?

Because it is a strategy based upon the premise that you can borrow your way out of debt!

We have found that to work, a debt consolidation loan requires enormous focus and self-control. It is all too common for debtors to begin using their credit as soon as the debt is paid or significantly reduced.

This incurs more debt. Since this new debt is clearly beyond the scope of the debt consolidation loan, you again have two loans to repay.

This is how small debts come back and again mount into an ever- increasing spiral of unmanageable financial chaos.

The budget necessary to bring your debts into line makes no allowances for this kind of behavior or attitude. Too many people lack the self-control and strict budgeting discipline necessary for a debt consolidation loan to work.

A debt consolidation loan only makes sense if you can reduce your interest rate. Without a significant interest rate reduction you are only increasing your debt over an extended period of time. The reduction must be low enough to offset the increased time you will be paying it.

Make a list of your outstanding debts and the current interest rate you are paying for each. Do not consolidate any debt that has an interst rate below that of the debt consolidation loan.

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