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Do You Have a Good .Com Name? What is One So Important!

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A domain can leave an imprint on the mind of a prospective client. Just like a catchy phone number, it is easy to remember and can be send out loud in a rhythm. Whenever someone sees your domain name for your company it must be able to stick with them throughout the day so they can easily check out your site when they get a chance. Sometimes this may not be till the end of a long day at work, so having a domain name that stays in the mind of a client is very important.

What makes a good domain you might ask? Is it the length, how it is spelled or is there something that I missing?

Well the length is important, something short and sweet can do the trick, but if your domain names is something like "" that may work as well. Yes it is a bit on the long side, but it is very easy to remember and so there fore, easy for a person to type in at the end of a busy day. It stays in the mind and can be thought of in a second.

Unusual domains can work as well, as they can catch the viewers attention allowing them to also remember them without much problem. Such domains as eBay, Paypal and others have only a few letters, but you will never forget them when you go to type them in. A site I like to visit to find out about updates on currency and other information is . Yes, just two simple letters to represent their site, but to type it in, is just like second nature to me because it is so simple.

Another important part is to watch how you spell words for your domain. Yes it may sound like one word, but people may here it as something else. Allot of people like using "Nex" or "Nx" because it sounds like the word "Next", but when you say to someone "go to my website at"(just an example site) do they really go to your site or the extra "T"), totalling missing your site all together because of one letter. This also happens even if they see it in plain view, as we all have mistyped a domain name before.

Also make sure your domain name says what your company does or is your company name. If people can connect the domain with your business, then you are already one step ahead.

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