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A true commitment is a heart felt promise to yourself, from which you will NOT back down, no matter what the circumstances may be!

Many people have good intentions and dreams, but only a few are willing to commit to what is necessary to achieve them. Do a review on your commitment level, ask yourself these questions and be honest with the answers.

  • How badly do I want to achieve my dreams?
  • What will achieving my dreams mean to me?
  • What price am I willing to pay to make this happen?
  • Do I believe I can?
    • The ability to achieve your goals and dreams will be determined by the level to which YOU are willing to commit. NOTHING is as important as this fact!

      There is a huge difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in something you only do it when it is convenient. When you are committed to something you accept NO excuses.

      The enemy of commitment is resistance. Anything you wish to achieve that is worthwhile, will meet with resistance. This can take the form of, family friends, advisers, self-doubt, self-defeating habits, lack of money, regulations, peer-pressure and many other unforseen difficulties, such as illness etc.

      This can leave you questioning your dreams or even your sanity! Take some comfort in the fact that you are not alone. All those who wish to make a better life for themselves, will meet with resistence

      Think of athletes or performers in any field. The endless hours of practice and learning. The lack of a social life. The defeats . The huge amount of sacrifices and challenges these people have to meet so they can fulfill their dreams. Only YOU can decide whether the rewards you look forward to are worth your effort.

      A serious commitment to a goal does not mean you have to take all the joy and fun out of life. Laughter and humour are an integeral part of the human make up. Intergrate fun into your daily goals.

      Learn the difference betweeen giving up and giving in. There may be many times when giving up a certain direction or idea, would be wise. Giving in, on the other hand, should never even be considered.

      Life presents itself one day at a time. Take your commitments in daily bite-sized pieces. You can do without mental indigestion! One brick at a time, a house is built. One stroke at a time, the artist paints!

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