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Does Your Goal Enhance Your Overall Quality of Life?

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So many people struggle with the issue of time management.

"There's so much to do!"
"It takes so long!"
"So many little things!"

What many of these people don't realize is that they are spending a lot of time on activities that are of little or no value to them. In this case, the problem isn't with their time, it's with their choice of activities.

If you were to ask a time-troubled individual, "How many of these tasks are part of one of your goal plans?" chances are good you would get a blank stare.

It's easy to fill up your time. It's a little more challenging to fill it up with value-rich activities.

In a recent discussion with a client about her time management issues, I told her this:

"Technically, there is no such thing as time management. Time cannot be managed. It cannot be saved, and you most certainly can't 'make' time. You can only spend it as it comes in.

"It's important that you learn how to 'spend' it wisely. Don't waste time on activities that don't have any value to you. Learn to say 'no'. Set goals that help you use your time effectively, and that enhance your quality of life. Always be moving forward."

When you decide to set a goal, you must think very carefully about your reason for choosing that goal. Ask yourself:

Does this goal enhance my overall quality of life?
Does it move me forward?
Will it make other opportunities available for me in the future?"

If the answer to any of these is no, seriously re-evaluate your goal.

If you are already in the process of working on achieving a particular goal, and you are struggling, ask yourself the above questions. Struggle can be a sign that your goals are not aligned with your lifestyle, that you are not passionate about achieving your goal, that your goal does not move you in the direction that you want to go, or that you need a more structured plan for achieving your goal.

Perhaps at one point, you WERE passionate about a particular goal, but after several years and many changes to your lifestyle and career, the goal just isn't that important to you anymore. Don't beat yourself up over it - cut your losses!

Each day is a brand new opportunity to create the future you will live into. When you select goals that enhance your quality of life, that future is a marvelous one.

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