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How To Create Your Very Own DREAMWALL!

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A great way of attuning yourself daily to what your deepest dreams and wants are is to create yourself a DREAM WALL.

Use books and magazines or search online for images of the things that you want in your life. These should be images of the materialistic achievements you wish to experience in reality in the not to distant future.

Once you have located these pictures cut them out and place them in a place where you can easily view them in all of their glory each day. This is to become your DREAM WALL. The place where you come to look at your dreams.

Position your dreams in any order you choose.

Visit this wall at least twice a day, spending around 5-minutes per visit visualising what you want in the future. Look deeply at each image and visualise yourself living inside the picture. The more detailed you can make the images on your DREAM WALL the more real these images will become and the easier it will become for you to visualise yourself actually being apart of these images in reality.

What's the significance?

Each time you visit your DREAM WALL you are imprinting upon your brain a positive and clear message of what you want from life. Through repetition this positive habit actually programs the brain with a positive expectation and a clear vision of what you expect from yourself. The brain then goes to work on seeking out and providing you with solutions and strategy's for achieving what you want. The more you want it, the quicker your brain will find a solution for attainment.

Practice this daily and you'll amaze yourself at how quickly and easily you can actually achieve your dreams in the REALITY.

The quickest and most direct route to achieving success is to know what you want out of life and just as importantly when you want it? The DREAM WALL emphasises this and helps keep you focused, true and determined to achieve your deepest and dearest needs in life.

TRY IT, you'll be amazed!

These ideas have been taken from Jay Ball's brilliant '10 simple seeds to success' 334 page paperback book, 12- hour CD course, and 334-page e-book.

About The Author

Jay Ball is a recognised Success Mentor in the UK. His visions and inspirations have helped many accomplish amazing results. Jay Ball is the author of '10 simple seeds to success' and 'Believe & Achieve' Check out his website and downlod over 8 hours of FREE self-development seminars!

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