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Intrapersonal Communication

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What is intrapersonal communication?
It is communicating with yourself.

Most people and courses bypass this very important and crucial step in being able to communicate. You must be able to communicate with yourself before you can communicate with others. This is something that I repeat and a point that I try to drive home, due the essential nature of this first step in connecting with others.

It can be surprising the number of people who do not know what they want or where they want to go and hope that other people will figure it out for them. I have seen these same people get upset when others are unable to mind read for them, what they have been unable to discover for themselves.

Many people have stated that much of their stress in life is from a feeling of not having any control in their lives. The essential first step in gaining control is getting a clear understanding with yourself, on what you want. Then you must be able to figure out the details of that desire and the steps necessary to achieving it.

We need to do this in all areas of our lives, and have an idea, in each area, how we would like to achieve it. This puts you in the driver's seat of your life. You can be the one in control instead of having others control you.

You will then be able to communicate to others what your wishes and desires are. This will enable you to attract to you what you need, to go where you want to head.
(Reread that last sentence 2 or 3 times and let it sink in)

It is important to remember the to achieve what you want in life is to know, that "to master communication is to master wealth and to master wealth is to master communication, and that starts with yourself.

I find that this can be a challenge for many people. Some women feel that it isn't right to think about them selves and that they should think about others first. The challenge here and I have discovered this myself, is that you can't truly look after others until you take care of yourself.

Even men can have trouble with this. I hear things like, I don't have time. Yet, there are many ways to fit it in. On a deeper level, many are afraid of looking at what they want or desire. There is a fear of disappointment, not being able to do it or even of succeeding and what that might mean.

There are many ways through the process of discovery and of finding the path to what you desire. The first step is just to begin. Start writing in a journal. Start writing what you want in life and build on it from there. The important thing is to start.

Ponder on this quote. "It is your duty to find yourself" ?John Maxwell

Maria Boomhower
"The Master Communicator"
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