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Just Do It! Write Down Some Goals and Start Achieving!

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You have a choice it would seem ? you can float along on the river of the life, don't worry about where it takes you and maybe disappear over a waterfall or go with the flow but steer your way towards your objective.

If you want a chance at achieving something you have to set goals. If you want to achieve your goals then there are a number of simple rules to follow.

Write them down! Only 5 % of the population writes down their goals! Take a wild guess whether they achieve them or not? If you don't set goals then at the end of next year you will find your no further forward than you are now at the end of 2004! Writing down your goals involves imagining or visualizing them. Don't write them on scraps of A4 paper and then throw them in the bin! Get a little notebook you can carry in your pocket and refer to on a regular basis. This sounds crazy but you need a kick up the **** on a regular basis and referring to your goals will do just that!

Make your goals detailed and specific, I want to live somewhere warm and nice is a bit vague even for the subconscious mind! Who, what where, why, when! If nothing else it's pleasant and relaxing to visualize being in a situation where your dreams have come true. Having problems actually coming up with a goal? Imagine if money was no object and you could spend your time just enjoying yourself? What would you do tomorrow, next week? Next month? Where? Who with? How long for? Etc

Write your Goals in the present tense, for example "I do not smoke and I feel great". Sounds like mumbo jumbo but if you keep telling your brain that you are a certain way it finds a way to ensure that your reality actually matches your view of reality!

Re write your goals??set a time each day to read them, a time each week to revue them and re write re word them. No this is not a progress report to your self. If you haven't achieved your goal do not spiral into depression wondering why it's not happening. The very fact that you have written and re written your goals ensures your mind is focused and moving towards success.

Now stop thinking about doing something, get a small note book and write down what you want to achieve?..let your imagination go wild?..just write it down!

Robert Lee is the webmaster and owner of where he writes and offers information and advice on the everyday use of Hypnosis, NLP and Speed Learning.

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