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It is important to set goals in life. To accomplish those goals, you need a healthy supply of energy. Even the best car cannot run without fuel, so how can your body work without energy? The more energy you have, the further you can "ride" in this life. Unfortunately, the body's energy cannot be obtained through an electric outlet or at a gas pump. Instead, it can be obtained from many different sources.

Energy can be found anywhere. For example you get more energized when inspiration strikes you, or when you resolve a problem causing you stress, or when your body spends less energy than it usually does to digest the food you consume.

Energy and its storage and usage are like money kept in the same bank account.

No matter where you obtain additional funds - paycheck, dividends on investment, or a lottery win - all of it accumulates in one place. Similarly, regardless of how you spent that money - make a purchase, donate to charity, or lose at the horse races - the funds still come out of the same place.

Similarly, when you produce energy, it is stored in one energy 'depot' in the body. Once you begin spending the accumulated energy, it does not matter what is the nature of this loss; stress, troubles with your partner, junk food, a workout, or anything else requiring the expenditure of energy draws it from the same source. What we do not realize is once the energy is spent negatively, on an activity you do not like, less of it is available for positive activities, like improving your business, working out, painting your house, or the like.

What is the problem? The problem is we unconsciously desire to lose energy because many of the 'negative processes' are associated with a feeling of pleasure, contentment, or other enjoyment, however brief. For example, we can stuff ourselves with chocolate simply because it tastes good, and we might enjoy the sugar kick. But what is the price of such indulgence?

From your school days you probably remember that every action requires energy, digestion is no exception. Chocolate is a kind of substance that requires a lot of energy to process it correctly - in other words, before our body is able to extract some 'fuel' from it. This is why, once the sugar rush is gone, you often want to take a nap after eating chocolate; your body expands too much energy on digestion and is now lacking it to maintain the state of wakefulness.

The result - your energy 'account is being robbed' while you are experiencing the pleasure. Why? Because this process of negative expansion of energy - often called "going down" or falling - really does create a certain anesthetic reaction that in turn produces a false feeling of "wellness"; after all, if we do not realize how bad we are doing, we often think that we are fine. The rude awakening in this case comes when our desire for 'going down' is fulfilled, and we suddenly find ourselves faced with all sorts of problems stemming from the overall lack of energy. Both your personal life and business affairs may suffer, even if you are the most amiable person when it comes to relationships and the most talented and skilled when it comes to business.

We simply do not understand that junk food, stress, and other 'downers' deplete our energy 'depot' and thus rob us of the ability to perform other necessary activities. We simply don't see the connection even though it is the most basic scientific truth. How can bad eating habits influence your ability to perform at work? We simply do not see the connection.

Conclusion. To live a better life, you must first take care of your energy level.

You will always feel truly good and be able to do many more things that are important to you in life once you gain extra energy. Remember, it does not matter where you get energy; better eating, stress relief, better relationships, the list goes on - all of it goes directly in your body's energy 'depot' where it is redirected to aid in the accomplishment of your main goals or performance of ordinary tasks.

Thus, if you need to realize yourself better because you desire to live better, pay attention to the foods you consume and the way you consume them. If you save energy each time you have a meal, you will soon accumulate enough to see significant improvements in all areas of your life that are important to you.

This is exactly what the Shock Diet is all about.

We use such tools as improving your eating habits with The Shock Diet(tm) to accelerate you in achieving your goals. If you have a goal and are ready to pursue it, it is very easy to switch to The Shock Diet(tm). No willpower needed! No hunger pangs and accompanying crankiness! Very soon after you begin The Shock Diet(tm), your body will automatically start to compare its condition before and after the diet. When the body feels that The Shock Diet(tm) brings more energy than it had before, it will automatically change your taste preferences for food.

Don't believe me? Then answer why women crave foods rich in calcium more than they crave their favorite dishes (assuming their favorite dishes DO NOT contain large amounts of calcium) during pregnancy. Simple: the body needs calcium more than, for example, red meat, so it adjusts individual taste preferences. Under The Shock Diet(tm) system, the same occurs. Your body likes any food or meal that brings extra energy. For instance, if you liked junk food (losing energy) and started The Shock Diet(tm) (gaining of energy), in about one week your body will surely understand that the addition of energy is really helpful to accomplish your goal and will start to immediately rebuild your taste; now you will like foods that bring energy and dislike energy-draining foods that you enjoyed before. It works if you eat to live but not if you live to eat. Within a few days using the Shock Diet, you will acquire new abilities to achieve your goals and also improve your mood, relationships and life much faster.

If the purpose of your life is not to just consume junk food. In this case, The Shock Diet(tm) is for you. It is your easy-to-use 100% guaranteed energy saver. The best way to convince you of this, however, is not to bombard you with scientific facts, but to let your own body do the talking. So check The Shock Diet(tm) for yourself and listen to your body.

Can you ever be happy, if you didn't get what you want?


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Bio: Dr. Vladimir Gouliaev

Dr. Vladimir Gouliaev M.D., president of GNI Commerce, Inc, was born in Krasnadar, Russia. He graduated Kubansky Medical Institute in 1980 in Russia as a Medical Doctor. He is also certified and skilled as a General Surgeon, Dentist and Dental Surgeon, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Reflexotherapist, and Functional Diagnostic and discover of PHS Structure proprietary biotechnology. His previous work experience was as a research scientist at the Institute of the Brain, in Moscow. He was also chief of the largest treatment-recreation center of railroad of the USSR, and director of Economcenter, in Lvov, Ukraine. Currently he is the president of GNI Commerce, Inc., and author of the Shock Diet e-Book. Dr. Vladimir Gouliaev discovered and developed a health breakthrough discovery of the mind and body to achieve optimal health, personal success, and delay aging, using food, natural supplements, and innovative mind development techniques and as a tool.

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