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The Best Goal Setting Advice

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A realistic goal setting workshop:

Have you ever gone to a restaurant ordering a big meal, and ended up not be able to finish the dish? Or have you ever thought of losing 20 pounds in 2 months, and ended beating yourself up? Those are the typical examples of bad goal setting.

We talk a lot about goal setting, but not too many people really understand the true meaning of "goal setting", even to many professional coaches.

A goal setting is best when someone really understands what he really needs.

For example, almost everyone wants more money, and if he doesn't understand the real need/ want behind the money demand? How can he best utilize his skills/ knowledge in order to launch a successful plan?

Unrealistic goals are often resulted due to ambiguity.

Therefore, before setting goals, you should be aware of your own circumstance. Be realistic. Ask your friends, family or consider seeking professional advice. Do not fall into hype or hallucination of your own perception.

Also consider the following points when making up a realistic goal.

1) Is the goal feasible? Any other legal constraint?

2) Time constraint?

3) Financial limitation?

4) General environment feasible?

5) Any possible concern

Final important point to note.

Find someone who has successfully gone through the process that you are going to go through. See how happy they are after the process. Don't judge by the surface, but do more investigation work. You might be surprised that "goal" might not be what you really want at all. Therefore, do think twice before planning and acting.

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