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eaziGOAL Review: Practical Goal Setting Tools for Everyone

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I love the internet. I mean, anything at all you want to learn or research or just get more information on is right at your fingertips. And it's there for the taking! So many people have given their time and knowledge freely so that others may benefit from what they have learned.

So when I was on my quest to learn more about motivation and goal setting it is not a surprise that I quickly ended up at a site called eaziGOAL. When I first found the site the program was just in it's final stages of development. I remember thinking "oh please hurry ? this looks good!" Well, it was only a month later that I went back to the site and there it was just waiting for someone to try it!

Now having been involved with computers since the early eighties (don't do the math, I've been around for awhile) and I know the perils of purchasing a version 1.0 piece of software. But I just could not wait! So I bought it. Absolutely no regrets! Awesome program!

When you purchase the program you get a complete goal-setting package. You get the eaziGOAL book, the accompanying worksheets, the eaziGOAL software program as well as bonus e-books that I found to be very valuable.

The book itself is approximately 150 pages long. The first 4 chapters are an introduction to goal setting and the eaziGOAL system. Then you will start with the fifth chapter on laying the foundation for your goal.

Next is a chapter on finding and following your passion. Even if you know for sure what you want to do, I would still recommend going through this chapter. I learned a few things about myself I didn't realize before.

In chapter 7 you will learn about making sure that you are keeping your goals realistic so you will be assured of success.

Moving along you will then learn the importance of a couple of specific questions that you need to ask yourself about your goal which will help you to remain focused and help to ensure success. You will also learn the importance of writing down and visualizing your goals.

Another chapter will show you the importance of breaking down your goal into smaller, doable steps to keep from becoming too overwhelmed and giving up because you think your goal is too big to handle. Anything can be broken down into smaller, doable steps. I think a lot of people fail to reach their goals because they see the goal as being "too big" for them.

Once you have completed the previous steps you will then get the encouragement you need to take action and get started on realizing your dreams.

The rest of the book will guide you through planning for obstacles and what to do about them before they occur. You will also play a little game of "what if?" to further plan for possible future obstacles.

Chapter 18 will take you through how to use the companion software. Chapter 20 contains a few pages of motivational quotes.

The software is quite easy to use. You will need to have all of your worksheets filled out before you proceed. All input into the software is based on the data you have written on your worksheets. Launch the program and then click on the "Start" button. You will first be asked to type in your name. After that the next screen is where you will type in your goal (and you learn how to properly phrase your goal for maximum benefit in the book). You then enter the date you plan on completing your goal and lastly you will be asked what you would like for a reminder period. I like this feature a lot. Based on the interval you select, when you boot your computer you will receive reminder messages of completion date of your goal. Then you will click the "save" button to save your goal.

Next you will be guided to enter all of your requirements (those small, doable steps) you will need to complete your goal (based on the data in your worksheets 8 and 9). Again you will enter a target date and a reminder period. You will be prompted after you enter each requirement whether you wish to enter more requirements or not. When you have completed entering all of your requirements you will then be prompted to enter the obstacles you think you may come across for each of your requirements.

After that, for each obstacle you have entered you will type in what you will do to overcome that obstacle.

That's it . . . you're done!

We all know the old saying "The best laid planned of mice and men . . . " so if you need to make any changes to your goals there is an edit feature that will allow you to do that.

You can also print out your goal plan. It is a very nice document that shows your goal at the top of each page along with your target completion date. Each individual page is dedicated to each requirement and lists the requirement date along with the obstacle and obstacle solutions.

Again, I cannot stress how important an aid this was to think ahead and plan for possible obstacles. That way, if you do run across that obstacle, you'll already know what to do!

The software also comes with a little program called eaziPEARLS. It is a cool little program that will display a motivational quote along with some "reminders" to keep working on your goal. My only suggestion would be that I would like to see a way to enter your own quotes and reminders that may be particularly valuable to the user.

Another feature I would like to see is the ability to actually fill in completion dates for each requirement as you complete them. Then maybe you could just print out what has not been completed yet and then also print out what has been completed giving you a sense of accomplishment.

I mentioned earlier that I know the inherent risks of ordering a version 1.0 software. I did run into some issues in the beginning with the program that needed to be corrected before I could fully utilize the program. But I have to tell you, I have never seen better support for a program! I always quickly received a reply that my e-mail had been received and that a fix would be quickly sent to me. And he wasn't kidding! Not only that, but I would receive e-mails telling me of the progress of the solution and an ETA of the resolution. Seriously, in all my years of dealing with bug fixes in software, I have never seen better support!

I think what I really appreciated about this system is the "no frills" approach. There are no grand promises of becoming rich and famous. No magic spells, just a common-sense approach to goal achievement that anyone, and I mean anyone, can follow. It all makes sense. It's "real" stuff. You won't get to the end of the book and say "I can't do this." There is nothing difficult about this system. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions and use the provided worksheets. The system asks you all the pertinent questions and you provide the answers.

I am currently using it to achieve my goal of writing a children's book. I created a character 5 years ago and always told myself "I'm going to write a book about him someday." You know, that "magical" day when you'll have all the spare time, energy and money to do all those things you having been planning on doing for all of your life. Every year I get a new calendar and I always look for that day that is marked "someday" but I never seem to find it. That's because it doesn't exist!

I have almost all of the text written and will be starting the illustrations next month. I KNOW this will get done. In fact, in my mind it is already done. I just have to go through my well-planned steps to accomplish it in my physical world. If it wasn't for the eaziGOAL system, I would still be dreaming about the "someday" when I was going to write this book. I am very grateful that I found Colin Dunbar's website and took a chance on a new product.

I highly recommend this system. In fact, with a 90-day guarantee you have nothing to lose really. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how relatively easy it is to plan for the achievement of your goals.

Kim Oravecz, Senior Research Technician
Ohio, USA

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