Annika Sorenstam- The Legendary Female Golfer

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Even those not normally interested in golf, usually recognize the name Annika Sorenstam. Her acclaimed position in golf has come to Annika for many reasons?skill, persistence, determination, fortitude, and more. Another highly discussed reason for Annika's success is her dedication to fitness and conditioning.

Just as Tiger with his emphasis on golf fitness training, Annika has paved the way enticing more and more female golfers to add a regular golf fitness routine to their arsenal for competing on the course. One look at the chiseled arms of Annika Sorenstam -- the player considered the gold standard for fitness on tour -- is enough to understand that muscle is not just for football and baseball players anymore. Golf-specific programs are designed to target muscles most often used in the swing, involving both building lean muscle and increasing flexibility to incorporate that new strength.

Fitness for golf is becoming much more functionally designed to accommodate movements required for the golf swing. Muscles are targeted in a way that uses similar motions involved in the swing. This helps with neuromuscular coordination as well as strengthening and increasing flexibility.

All women golfers, amateur or pro can benefit greatly by using Annika's model of commitment to fitness to achieve lower scores on the course. No longer are women scared of "bulking up." We're better educated to the physiques of women and how best to optimize the strength and flexibility of our bodies by committing to regular fitness and flexibility training.

The benefits of her dedication to golf fitness can not be overlooked. All golfers can benefit from what she has proven about the effects of fitness on the golf swing and her ability to consistently end up at the top of the leader board. Make plans to begin your fitness regimen today. You'll love the results!

Susan Hill is a nationally recognized fitness trainer, CHEK golf biomechanic and sports nutrition specialist. For more information on golf specific nutrition, exercises or stretches, visit

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