Fix Your Slice: The Cause & Simple Cures For The Beginner Golfer

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Are you slicing all or some of your tee shots? If so, you are no different than most new golfers, And even more experienced golfers still slice shots from time to time. Here are some simple things you can try to fix it:

First, the problem is hardly ever the club. If you feel it is, have your driver examined by your local pro-shop, so no doubt lingers in your mind.

Now, let's consider what happens to a sliced ball when it is in the air. Here it seems best to state exactly what is meant by the term 'sliced ball' because a drive that finishes in the rough on the right of the fairway is not necessarily sliced. A sliced drive is one that starts straight, or nearly straight, from the tee and curls in the right of the line on which it started. The reason for this is that the ball is spinning from left to right, and the air pressure, being greater on the side which is turning into the wind, in this case the left side, pushes the ball to the right. A ball that is correctly driven has back-spin imparted to it by the club, and the air pressing on the underside of the ball tends to make it rise in flight. A hooked ball naturally has the reverse spin to a sliced ball.

This is very basic, but it is useful knowledge from a beginner's point of view, because it may give you a clue as to why you are slicing: To impart a left-to- right spin to a ball, the face of the club must be drawn from right to left across the ball during the moment of impact. This right-to-left movement of the club may be the result of several faults: the player may be hitting at the ball, instead of through it, in other words, checking the swing of the club at a critical moment; or the grip may be faulty, too tight with the left hand, too loose with the right, possibly the position of the hands on the shaft may be wrong; or the player may be drawing in his arms and not throwing them, as it were, after the ball. Certainly the best method of locating the fault is to go to your local professional, but if that is not possible, most experienced golfers would be able to spot it.

But once the problem is found it, is by no means cured; it is quite possible to know what you are doing wrong without being able to prevent yourself from continuing to do it!

Sometimes a simple cure will overcome the slicing habit: Try turning the right hand a little more under the shaft or gripping a little tighter with it. You can also try taking up the normal stance and then drawing the right foot back a few inches.

In the beginners' case slicing is just going to happen! But I'm convinced that if the beginner works hard, it can be cured in a month or two instead of wearing itself out perhaps in the course of a year or even longer.

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