How A Female Golfer Can Quickly And Easily Improve Distance And Accuracy?

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Female golfers, like their male counter parts are looking for quick and easy ways to improve their distance and accuracy. I wish I had the "magic bullet" to accomplish this overnight, but that's not possible?even if you see it in an advertisement.

I want to ask you a question.

What swings your club? This isn't a trick question, but the answer is one you need to realize in order to improve your current golf game.

What was your answer? I'll cut to the chase and tell you it's your BODY!

Your body swings the club?nothing else!

Do you agree? If so, are you currently working on your body? What I mean is?are you focusing on improving your strength and flexibility specific to golf?

If not, you may be frustrated with your golf game for a LONG time to come. It's unfortunate, but most golfers (male, female and juniors) don't take this approach.

Realizing golf is a physical game that requires a tremendous amount of strength and flexibility is your first step to a MUCH better game.

Now the second question is "what is the difference between golf-specific exercises and general fitness exercises?"

You must first look at the required movement.

Golf is performed "on your feet", not sitting down like most machine exercises in your local gym.

Other requirements are stability, balance, coordination and sequence of motion. There is no possible way to address all the above requirements with machine exercises.

The answer is dynamic, golf-specific exercises done mostly "on your feet": but there are many exercises that you can do a stability ball using hand weights, exercise tubing and even weighted medicine balls.

I have heard from hundreds of golfers who have worked out on machines in their gyms and seen no improvement in their game. The main reason why is machines do not require control or stabilization. And they usually isolate one muscle group at a time.

The golf swing requires a sequence of motion, involving many if not all the major muscle groups in the body. That is why it's very important to strengthen your muscles with exercises that mimic your swing.

With this basic understanding, you will be able to put more thought into the exercises that will improve your game quickly.

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is a respected golf fitness expert, author and the founder of the webs first golf performance membership site for women called Fit Golf For Women. To learn simple and easy golf tips and techniques, go to

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