A Look Inside The Elusive Inkjet Industry

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The Inkjet printer industry is booming. Office supply companies report they make more money on ink sales alone than on printer sales overall. Due to increasing ink sales, many inkjet manufacturers have introduced innovative products and services to meet the demands of discerning consumers. Customers are now able to purchase refill kits that allow them to handle their inkjet needs at home, without having to purchase expensive new cartridges. Refill kits contain a syringe like instrument that injects ink into the cartridge.

In addition to ink refill kits, some printer manufacturing companies are also designing a chip that can detect when the cartridge is nearing the depletion level. On some models, this service will even report the number of pages left to print. Manufacturers believe this type of service will be beneficial to customers because it will enable them to know they are about to run out of ink, before it actually happens.

Despite the measurers that manufacturers have taken to lighten the financial burden on consumers who purchase ink products, consumers frequently try different strategies to conserve their ink. One of these strategiesis to produce bulk quantities in black ink, under the mistaken impression that this will conserve their more expensive color ink cartridges. Unfortunately, this strategy doesn't work because color ink is required to make black ink on some machines.

One strategy that will work is to realize that it takes significantly less ink to print a standard page of text than it does to print a color photo. In fact, a color photo requires 30 times more ink than a single page of text. So, use your ink wisely.Another way consumers can save money is in the quality of the printer they purchase.

Consumers frequently purchase printers based on the sales price, failing to realize that by the time they purchase printing supplies, like ink cartridges, it is cheaper in the long run to go with more expensive inkjet printer that has cheaper consumables. The initial cost difference can easily be made up by the difference in the cost of consumables.

In recent years, the inkjet industry has developed printers capable of printing faster than ever before. Some printers are now capable of printing out 20 pages per minute. Before consumers rush to purchase a printer with such lightning fast capabilities they need to give some consideration to the type of projects they will be printing. Some printers are perfectly capable of printing several pages per minute and maintaining print quality at the same time; however some are not. Take the time to shop around in the inkjet aisle to find the printer that will serve your personal daily printing needs.

With all these new changes in the Inkjet industry, it's important for consumers to take the time to research the many new services and products now on the market. This is the key to understanding the constantly evolving inkjet printer industry.

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