All In One Printers ? Home Office Workhorses

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All in one printers, also known as multifunction printers (MFPs), are printers that also can copy, scan, and in some cases, fax. These machines perform all of these functions, generally using a single set of ink cartridges for both printing and copying. They are not much larger than stand-alone printers, making them a great tool for small home offices.

You can find an excellent all-on-one Epson printer for under $200 ? a steal if you ask me. Have you ever priced a copying machine? Good luck finding one for under $750. These little gems produce high quality printouts and color copies that are indistinguishable from the originals. You'd think that these machines would "drink" ink ? I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is not the case. The copying process uses about the same quantity of ink as the printing process.

Most MFPs offer high resolution, photo-quality printouts without sacrificing speed. This makes them ideal for the amateur photographer, the average home owner, or even the college student who needs to print thesis papers and PowerPoint presentations. You can't imagine how helpful it is having a copier in your home. For a few extra dollars, you can pick up a printer with a built in copier and never have to run to Staples again.

The printer market is so competitive right now that you can probably score a significant rebate on an all in one printer. Recently I've seen rebates for as much as $50 off new Epson all-one-printers. Check around, do some price-shopping, and you too can experience the luxury of a low-cost, home copier/printer.

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