Getting The Proper Laptop Screen Size

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Are you sick of viewing everything on that small screen that your current notebook comes with? Do you want your next laptop to have screen size that you are more comfortable with? Well read on.

In this article we will take a look at all the common screen sizes found on the many various laptops currently in existence, as well as which ones may be best for you and why.

Does your current notebook feel like it is five inches too small? Well it actually may be ? Here are the most common laptop display sizes (in inches):

10.4 -- 10.6 -- 11.3 -- 12.1 -- 13.0 -- 13.3 -- 14.1 -- 15.0 -- 15.2 -- 15.4 -- 15.7 -- 16.0 -- 16.1 ?- 17.1

You may be wondering exactly how a screens size is determined. This is done by measuring diagonally across the screen. Many people think it is done by measuring horizontally or vertically ?- This is false.

So what should you be looking at for your next laptop when it comes to screen size? I wouldn't go any lower than 15.0 inches. In fact most people say that going any lower than 15.0 inches is too uncomfortable. Fortunately pretty much every new notebook being produced has a bare minimum of 15 inches for the screen size.

With this in mind, you basically have the choice of 15 inches all the way to 17 inches! What are the differences between the two, other than size? Well, some people say that a 17.1" screen makes the laptop a little too heavy for their liking. If weight is a big issue with you, you may want to go for a smaller screen.

There must be an advantage with the bigger screen then, right? Of course? You get a bigger viewing area, and most likely a better viewing experience. This is an even bigger issue if you play games, watch DVD's, or are a general multimedia user when it comes to your laptop.

There aren't a whole lot of notebooks currently being produced with 17" screens, but there are a few like the toshiba satellite P35 laptop. Simply looking at the specs of any given notebook can quickly tell you whether the screen size will suit you or not.

By taking the time to recognize your needs when it comes to a laptop screen size, you can enjoy your next laptop and leave the hassle with your old one.

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