Is A Laser Printer Right For Me?

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The average home computer user definitely does not need a laser printer. Sure laser printer prices have fallen considerably in the last couple of years. But have you look at the cost of laser toner? The average laser toner cartridge sells for over $100. The cost of replacement ink can really ad up on you. Cost of ink should not be the only factor that deters you from buying this kind of printer though.

Unless you are printing hundreds of pages each day you really don't need a laser printer. Today's inkjet printers have incredible print resolution, are very affordable, and replacement ink cartridges do not cost a lot. If it's print quality that you're concerned about, consider that you can't even tell the difference between a laser printout and an inkjet printout.

Another thing to consider is the size of the printer. Generally laser printers dwarf the smaller inkjet printer. So if you're looking for something compact, then a laser printer is definitely not right for you. It's not going to fit on your desk at home.

If print speed is one of your main concerns, than a laser printer might be right for you. Most laser printers can print many more pages per minute than the average inkjet printer. The last consideration should be maintenance and or replacement costs. The parts used in laser printers are more expensive than those used in inkjet printers. So if something breaks, it going to cost a bundle to fix. I generally look at inkjet printers as easily replaced. Because they are so inexpensive to begin with, if something breaks, you can just start all over with a new printer.

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