2 Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas

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Did you know that you can make your own Halloween costumes without spending lots of money? You many already have many of the supplies needed to put these together. Here are 2 neat Halloween costumes that you can make yourself:


All you need to make a skeleton costume is a black sweat suit or a black turtle neck and pants, a piece of chalk, white fabric paint (preferably glow-in-the dark, or uv reactive), and an image of a skeleton. Find a graphic; something used to create simple children's halloween crafts, or black and white clip art will work well.

Lay out the sweat suit, with the skeleton image along side it, for reference. Use the chalk to draw a simple skeleton on the front, back, legs and arms of the suit. If you want to change something, you can wash the chalk out later. Fill in your chalk lines with the fabric paint, allow it to dry, thoroughly. Wash the suit to remove the chalk, and you're ready to go!


The mummy costume is the easiest to make! Buy some cheap, gauzy, fabric in white or cream. Cut the fabric into long, thick strips. If you plan to be the mummy, have someone to help you wrap the fabric. Start with the arms, legs, and then wrap the body. Use safety pins to secure it. You can even wrap the head, but remember that things may get hot, as it will be difficult for heat to escape from the head.

Make the Costume look old, as if it's just been exhumed from an ancient tomb, by lightly rubbing dirt into it.

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