Birthday Gift Ideas

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Birthday celebrations date back as far as biblical times, when celebrations among Pharaohs and other significant individuals have been mentioned. There is even some evidence to suggest that in pagan cultures people feared that evil spirits lurked about an individual on their birthday because they tended to become more malicious around important events in one's life. In this case birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and actual births were all noted for their importance and their potential for harm. Because of this, gifts were often bestowed upon the celebrant as a means of wishing them well and offering good luck.

Though in times of old traditionally only kings and high ranking nobility had elaborate birthday celebrations, in modern times it is common for celebrations to be thrown for just about anyone. Many people spend a good deal of time pondering about birthday gift ideas, as well wishers still honor the celebrant with gifts on their birthday.

Coming up with birthday gift ideas each year might be challenging for the newbie, but it shouldn't be. When you take into consideration an individual's lifestyle, personality and hobbies, birthday gift ideas should abound.

For example, does the individual with an upcoming birthday enjoy sports? Perhaps they are a book worm. Maybe even a little bit of a diva, looking for some pampering type gifts. Regardless of the individual whose birthday is upcoming, you are bound to come up with many birthday gift ideas if you ponder on the person of honor for just a few moments.

In some cultures, it is not uncommon to forgo birthday celebrations until a child is old enough to understand the significance and welcomed as an adult member of the community. These celebrations are more similar to coming of age initiations that are practiced in many religions, such as the Jewish tradition of a Bar Mitzvah.

Birthday gift ideas might focus upon the significance of the age an individual is turning. For example in Latino cultures a girl's 15th birthday is a significant event, marking a young girl's transformation into womanhood. Gifts recognizing her achievement and maturity would be appropriate to offer in this situation.

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