Do It Yourself Gifts

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Sometimes gifts that you purchase are not as personalized as you would like. They do not quite seem to fit the idea you had in mind. For these times, the only thing to do is "do it yourself". You will have the gift exactly fitting the theme and the person that you want.

So now, you know you want it personalized but what can you create. Some of these items take just a few moments and others may take several days. But that's part of the giving too.

-For our gardener friend, plant seeds in your garden or in container and nurture them until they are big enough to be planted in your friend's garden.

-Go to the local ceramic store and find mugs, bowls, plates, and vases in fired green ware. Buy paint and paint your friend's favorite flower or name on these items. Or leave them plain and paint clear glaze and have the shop fire them for you

-Rubbing rose petals to release their scent can create rose oil for her bath. Place them in a bottle with mineral oil, cloves, and zest of lemon. The rose make it pretty and the oil will soothe her skin in her bath.

-There are so many different bread baking mixes available now. Bake a few different flavored loaves and put them together in a basket.

-Nothing has the flavor of fresh herbs. Put together an Herb Basket with little pots of growing herbs. All it takes is a pinch of a leave to add flavor to every dish.

-Buy pretty tiles and glue corkboard on the bottom for pretty coasters.

-Buy pretty, unusually shaped bottle and fill them with white wine, apple cider or red wine vinegars. Add a few herbs from your garden. All choices are good, just pick and choose as would as if you were cooking. Pop in a cork, add a label and tie a pretty ribbon on the throat of the bottle.

-If you sew, you probably have a lot of scraps left over. Use these to make pretty potholders and mitts. Bind the edge with bias tape in a matching or contrasting color.

-When strawberries are in season, dip them in melted white chocolate and brown chocolate pieces to give a tuxedo effect. Chill and put in a napkin lined basket.

-If you knit or crochet, make a pretty scarf for the cold months. Or use ribbon and knit or crochet a placemat for your friend's table.

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