Spooky Halloween Party Ideas

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Are you looking for special Halloween party ideas that will give your guests a very memorable night? The easiest way to design and plan a Halloween party is to come up with a party theme. This makes it easier to chose decorations, and supplies for the party.

Start by making a list of themes that appeal to you, and come up with corresponding Halloween party ideas for each theme. This will give you a better feel for what would be required for each theme idea, costumes, what the cost might be, how much space would be need, and so on.

Here are some fun theme ideas to stimulate your imaginations:

- haunted house

- haunted Victorian mansion

- haunted pirate ship/island

- monsters only party

- alien space ship

Include fun events for each theme. A treasure hunt would be great for a pirate party. Transforming your home into a spooky haunted house, complete with erie music, fog machines, pranks, and gags, works perfectly well for the haunted house theme. Even if you can't manage the whole bit, 1 ghost rigged to fly through the air as party guest approach, or a participant posing as a dead ghoul in a coffin, waiting to spring up and frighten guests, will definitely do the trick.

Give your guests a taste of what is to come with unique party invitations. Your invitations should include: the party's theme, location, directions, contact info, and an R.S.V.P. request.

All the little details truly make a Halloween party fun, exciting, and a memorable. Don't forget your cameras to create party mementos!

James writes for Ghoulish Halloween, a site that tries to entertain and inform. For more great Halloween articles, visit our Halloween articles archive.

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