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Let?s ?Clear the Air? Shall We?

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What can you do to "clear the air" indoors, at work and at home? You want to know you are breathing clean air in the places you spend the most time, promoting a clear head and a sense of well being. It's no longer okay to allow clean air into your life just at the cabin or lake. If getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine is just a dream, you need to take steps now to clear the air. More people are becoming sick from their homes. We button them up so tight that they don't breathe anymore.

All kinds of allergies are on the rise from being overexposed to chemicals, molds, and spores that are in our environment. It's time to strike back and take control of what we breathe. Most of us take for granted that our workspace has clean air. Don't tell that to the people that are exposed to formaldehyde, asbestos, Legionnaires disease, radon and more every day. HVAC systems have been changing greatly over the last few years because of the rise of complaints. Newer more powerful electrostatic air cleaners reduce over 90% of dust instead of the recent 40 ? 50%. Activated oxygen systems are very new on the market. Ionized, ozonated oxygen is probably one of the most important aspects of fresh air. When we take advantage of the air given to us and work with the nitrogen and oxygen levels, our air is enlivened and we feel more energetic and alive. Air conditioning units have added to the problem by just cooling the air and increasing the levels of bacteria and mold in the ductwork. Chemicals are then used to treat it causing even more problems. Activated oxygen systems are a much healthier means of cleaning the air.

Homeowners are choosing "green" methods of construction because they are realizing the choice of building materials is crucial to their long term health. The choice of carpet is also important in that low pile is best to cut down on dust mites and should be vacuumed with a HEPA filter. Glues, synthetic fibers, irritating odors, they are all around us. Many allergic reactions to these contaminates can range from skin disease, sleep difficulties, infection and chronic fatigue are just a few. Natural fibers don't attract much dust and their ability to breathe is much healthier for our skin. Speaking of skin, it is the largest organ on the body, so how much fresh air we give it is critical. Other issues that may present problems are electric allergies from being indoors so much. Computers, appliances, television and transformers all give off magnetic frequencies that can affect our systems and our mood. You might want to think about how close you sit to the computer, television or if you have an electric blanket or clock radio near your bed.

Every living thing has evolved under sunlight. Light deprivation is a relatively new problem that strikes many. It is only recently that we have moved ourselves indoors for our activities. We now have a higher degree of skin cancer than ever before with less and less exposure to the sun. The ozone shield is becoming a problem so what are we to do? Natural sunlight can be enhanced by light tubes. Cut a hole in the roof and sent the tub down through the ceiling. Full spectrum fluorescent light is also a possibility. It helps our moods and strongly resembles sunlight. The best thing to do is trying to get at least fifteen minutes of natural sunlight per day.

The decisions you make on an everyday basis determines how you feel for a lifetime. There are many places to receive information about products for a natural home and office. Check the library, bookstore or internet for more information.

Mae Marshall is a successful freelance writer offering guidance and suggestions for consumers buying ceiling fans, dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners, air filters and more. Her many articles can be found at . She gives information and tips at to help you save money and make informed buying decisions.

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