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You Say Jacuzzi and I Say Whirlpool

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What's in a name? Whirlpool baths have been around forever, right? If it weren't for the Jacuzzi brothers in 1956, we wouldn't have the fantastic whirlpool baths of today. According to the Jacuzzi Company, the brothers invented the first pump that could be placed in a bathtub, circulating the water to aid arthritic aches and pains. In 1968, Roy Jacuzzi went on to invent the first self contained whirlpool bath by putting jets on the sides of the tub. From this idea a whole industry was born and hydrotherapy has never been as popular and important as it is today. Since the Jacuzzi's thought of the idea for experiencing water in a new way, the tub has long since held their name. However, a whirlpool bath, and spa are also names for the same kind of tub. It is a little like Kleenex and facial tissue or Jell-O and gelatin.

What makes the Jacuzzi so popular? You know the answer to that question if you have ever experienced the warm water circulating around your tired, aching body. Athletes, aging baby boomers, and stressed out people of all ages are using whirlpools every day for pain relief, relaxation, and rejuvenation. One of the hottest industries is holistic health and hydrotherapy is included in the group of modalities that are available to you. Hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment of disease. The water doesn't have to be warm to do this, but increasing the temperature seems to aid in the relief. There is something very primal about being in warm water. This type of treatment has been used for centuries dating back to the ancient Greeks. Your internal organs also benefit from the use of water. Digestion is stimulated as well as circulation and the immune system. Now you can use enzymes instead of chemicals to treat the water in your whirlpool so it is much safer for the skin. Spas and health clubs have used different forms of hydrotherapy for years and now you can have that luxury in your own home. Water is extremely therapeutic even when you just sit by the side of the ocean or lake and ponder the events of the day. So, you don't have to be in the water, but if you have the opportunity to use a whirlpool or other water therapy you know just how good you feel when you get out. Everyone can benefit, but if you are pregnant, have heart disease or another chronic illness, check with your doctor before using any form of heat or water therapy.

Winter is an especially nice time to install a Jacuzzi in your home. It's cold outside and you look for different ways to warm up. Showers are okay for getting clean, but they are just too quick, they're over in minutes and when does the relaxation happen? If you are really cold or stressed and need to get away from it all, you can sit and soak or let the jets circulate the warmth around you. Turn on the soft music, light the proverbial candle and let yourself drift to the islands or the beach. Sounds good doesn't it? I have a friend that uses her whirlpool bath everyday. She swears by it and doesn't understand why anyone would want to take a shower. She experiments with essential oils for an even more relaxing or stimulating experience. If you are considering a remodeling project in your home, the bathroom would be a good place to start. Plan exactly what you want in your home spa and where everything will be placed. Where will the window be in relation to the Jacuzzi? How much privacy do you have? What kind of shape do you want the Jacuzzi to be? Have you always dreamed of a round tub or one that is big enough for two? Now is the time to get exactly what you want. A whirlpool can range from $700 to $6000 so they are no small investment but they are well worth the time and money in more ways than one. The value of your home will increase from this addition and you are giving yourself a huge gift. Your health is worth everything so by adding a whirlpool bath to your home you are doing one of the best things you can do for yourself. So, let's all give the Jacuzzi brothers a big thank you for inventing one of the best products on the market today.

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