Saturn: Your Challenge to Become An Expert

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The true meaning of Saturn is that he is the teacher of the deeper lessons of life. Therefore, what he demands is that you learn your life lessons so well that you will never forget them. If you do learn these lessons well, you will become an expert and can teach others what these valuable lessons mean.

If you know nothing about astrology, these words may sound strange. In this case, it may help you to realize that the planets are reflected in our unconscious as archetypes. This is what the great psychiatrist, Carl Jung, discovered. This means that the actual planets in the heavens are living inside of you as specific energies. These magnetic energies flow through the chakras of your body and are expressed through your specific desires and attitudes. (I have given a more accurate term for this process which I call "Planetary Psychology.")

I recommend that you embrace the demands of Saturn. This brings us to a question:

What are the particular demands that Saturn places upon you?

To find the answer, this is what I suggest: Please locate my email at my website listed below and provide me with your date, time, and place of birth and I will tell you where your Saturn is located and where to get free information on what it means for you. Please understand that you don't need any knowledge of astrology to understand this. All you need to do is locate the information that relates to your Saturn, print it out, and study it to see how it relates to your life challenges.

One final note: Most people tend to ignore what Saturn is trying to teach them. It is not wise to do this. Because, if you learn Saturn's lessons well, you will become an expert and others will seek you out for advice.

Randall Curtis is a professional astrologer with world-wide clients, founder of Planetary Psychology?, Matchmaking Heaven, and The Institute of Professional Astrology. His website is

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