How To Benefit from The Power of New Innovations in the Year 2005

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How many times have you heard the phrase "knowledge is power"? Probably enough for you to really wonder if you're actually doing something useful with your life, isn't that correct?

So you want to possess "power" and be "number one" isn't that right? Mainly to have financial security, be more healthier, be more happier, have a sense of accomplishment ...ect. However how hard are you working towards getting what you really want? If I were to ask the average person that question, they would say "I'm working as hard as I can!" And we all know that the parents are getting sick and tired of hearing that phrase when it comes to school, but lets get critical, working hard should almost fit in the same category as working smart.

Lets face it, if a you have the passion to become more powerful, you should also have the passion to work harder and smarter. As we all know there is really no easy way out. You are barricaded with a brick wall past your height, you can't see anything at this moment. What you need to do is progress and grow past that brick wall in order to get a clear view of your future in the horizon.

The year 2005 is finally here, many people have to grow past the brick wall and learn everything they can. You need to stop suffocating from the complexity of computers and new innovations to get the benefits of what the year 2004 can provide for and your future. Think of it like getting a gift on a special occasion. "The gift of knowledge"

Read Newspapers, lots of them. You will get an idea of where the world is at, you will find new ideas and innovations that you can apply to your life that will reap benefits for the year 2005 and beyond. Look at the articles, look at the classifieds. Remember about when reading newspapers, you also want to find ideas and concepts that most people can relate to, ones that most people talk about. That's the best way to find a product or service that most people want and need. This would be critical to your success. Start using your imagination while reading through the papers. If you brainstorm long enough, I guarantee that you will find an idea a product or a service that can make you a fortune. This has worked for millions of Entrepreneurs.

Read Ezines (Electronic Magazines for online users). They are powerful resources for knowledge and information and also for finding an excellent methodology to start relationships with customers. You will find people that will help you get your business off the ground. You can actually make an extra $1,500 or more if you contact a publisher of an Ezine and tell them about an idea that you have that you are willing to share with him. He may start running your ads for free...

After you collect as much knowledge from the ezines as possible, start using your imagination... Offer an innovative idea to the publishers and subscribers of the Ezines, then watch your popularity sky rocket and you will find yourself making additional income more than ever.

One tip for turning an employment opportunity to a business opportunity that can really work, would be to first of all place a tiny classified ad in the employment section of your local newspaper. Notice I said the "employment section" this is where you'll find people who are willing to work hard with any job to earn an average salary. If they respond to your classified ad, you are basically hiring them. Now you can teach them how to benefit from The power of new innovations. They will be more than happy to hear what you have to say. They will be happy to hear that they have an opportunity to earn 10 times more than the average salary.

Again, same idea should be applied to Ezines. The people that read ezines are very intelligent people. The Owners of the Ezines have taught them well. Place many ads in the ezines (particularly the ezine that you are currently subscribed in) to find the people that will bring your business to the next level. Get them to use conventional methods of producing wealth and mix it with new innovations and technology (get them to think of new ideas). The combination of the two makes an extremely powerful concept for building wealth.

So who benefits from all of this? Well the people who get involved of course: the people with a positive outlook, the entrepreneurs, the business owners, the producers, the consumers, the publishers who provide space in their classifieds for you to get seen by the world. You then need to also decide what your purpose or task is... Are you an entrepreneur? If you are you need to make sure you get as much knowledge as possible to start finding new innovative ideas, If you do this you will find that this will benefit you a great deal. Or are you a consumer? If you are, then you may want to start buying information or assets that you can resell. Or If you are a publisher, because you are an owner of a target market or a targeted list you can start doing business with hundreds of other people. You would also may want to be a little technical and innovative so that you can help others who also wants to build a successful business.

Why is this all important? Well let me ask you this simple question. If you have to make one choice, would you learn something new in the year 2003 that is very innovative and a little complex to understand (that might give you some head-ache) at first, or would you rather still be learning and using something discovered in 1998 that was probably easier to understand but extremely obsolete?

You make your choice. However I want to leave you with this fact. It is estimated that, there will be over 717 million Internet Users World-wide by the end of the year 2005 ---Computer Industry Almanac.

So you see how significant it would be to have the gift of knowledge and to supplement it with new innovations and technology for the year 2005 and beyond?

Thanks to the power of new innovations and technology the gift of knowledge is becoming to be one of the most powerful forces known to man.

Copyright ? 2005 by Koffi Amouzouvi

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