Innovation Problems and The flow of Thought

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The most progressive Think Tanks, Brain Trusts, research facilities in companies and government, etc. do their best work by allowing free thought to flow. If the United States is to lead the world in innovation and know how, technology and invention, then we will need to repel the barriers of the flow of thought. We see the backlogged PTO Patent Trademark Office and the incessant bureaucracy to bring a new product to market.

Now then lets discuss the concept of why thought is necessary and why it is one of the first flows of civilization we must study if we are to prepare the human race for the future ahead. You see Zig Ziglar, the famous salesmen who became such by writing books and giving seminars. His premise is that nothing happens until someone sells something. Which in his realm is true enough, in that no money is exchanged and no products are delivered and no services rendered until the salesman has done his job. Why was he so adamant about this? Well he was trying to help salesman understand that the profession of sales is not a bad thing, but rather the oldest part of commerce.

Even older than the oldest profession, after all a woman selling her body has to make an offer first and thus she is a salesperson in addition to the other profession. A sales man by Zig Ziglar's terms was a problem solver. I use this analogy to show that whereas Ziggy is correct in his statement, the truth is nothing happens until a thought is produced. You see a thought is triggered in a customers mind or a member of a species decides it wants something. Due to the fact it is hungry, cold, hot, tired, etc. Then that animal is motivated by that thought. To figure out a way to get it; this requires strategy, innovation and skill. Having thought is essential and anything that gets in that way is not essential and therefore is in the way. Think about it.

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