Reducing Soaring Insurance Claim Costs

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With the soaring rise in claims to insurers from their customers, millions of pounds are being lost on a day to day basis throughout the industry in regards to personal property insurance. A new system in the UK provides insurance companies with an easy and effective method to reduce their personal property claims by over 80%. With fraudulent insurance claims costing the industry over ?20 million a week alone, the savings created by affiliating and joining forces with companies like Want it Bak are staggering.

As we all know here in the 21st century our lives have become more and more reliant on mobile items. As we go through our days, keeping a mental log of everything we have and where we have it becomes more and more difficult. It is inevitable that some things get lost. In fact as stated in a recent research "Around 62,000 mobile phones were left in London taxis during the last six months. That's an average three phones per taxi, according to a survey of licensed London cabbies by the Taxi Newspaper and Pointsec Mobile Technologies. Absent minded and drunken travellers also forgot 4,000 laptops and 5,000 PDA's when exiting cabs". If each item is claimed for at an average cost of ?100 it will cost the industry over ?7 million within 6 months just for these three types of items in this one location. Extrapolate this cost Nationwide in the UK and the claim cost to the industry is staggering.

Lost and found company, Want it Bak boast that they can give people an 80% chance of recovery of their lost items. This effectively means an 80% drop in claims for the insurance industry if their customers use this system. In the scenario given above over ?5 million of the claims would not of had to be paid.

How does Want it Bak work? Simple. Customers purchase or receive a range of security tags each with their own unique id number. They register them with Want it Bak and that's it. If they ever lose the item and someone finds it they contact Want it Bak directly using their website or their 0800 number and they arrange a courier to pick it up and return it to the owner for a small admin charge.

The "Finders" themselves are offered a basic reward of ?10 gift pack of Want it Bak Labels & ?5 cash. Customers may also offer an optional CASH reward to Finders as a thank you to the person for taking the time to contact Want it Bak. The system plays on the fact that most people are honest, and if they find something and a method is offered to return it to its owner, they will take it.

This kind of service is a great additional type of insurance that the industry needs to consider. By tying in customers to systems such as Want it Bak it can help itself reduce premium costs, reduce fraudulent claims, reduce claims overall, provide incentives to attract more customers, improve consumer image of company by offering complete protection and solution to everyday problem everyone faces. for more information

Chris Cameron

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