What Are The Differences Between A Cancellation Notice And Non-renewal Notice?

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OK, you take that stroll down to the mailbox excitedly as you do everyday hoping to find the catalogue with all that neat stuff you want to buy or to find that magazine you love to read or to find that big check Uncle Bob sent! Come on, you know you love getting mail and really look forward to this daily ritual. You know that Mr. Postman has brought you something fun along with those pesky bills.

However, sometimes you get mail that scares you. You know this because it's very official looking. The contents must be very important but the thought of what is in there frightens you. What is in there? What have I done? What am I going to have to do? Why me? Your heart starts to rapidly beat. You set aside all of the other fun mail you received and you rip this one open first.

Lo and behold, it's a notice from your insurance company. Your eyes immediately focus on the word "cancellation". Before you get any further along in the letter your mind is going a mile a minute. You are confused, frustrated and maybe even angry. You are many things that you were not just moments earlier. Again, you begin to think: What have I done? What am I going to have to do? Why me? Let's stop here.

Consider yourself lucky. "Lucky", you say to yourself. Why am I lucky? Well, you are lucky because you could very well have received a "non-renewal" notice instead. Have I confused you yet? Great, I was hoping that I had so that I could explain the differences to you. A 'cancellation notice' is very different from a 'non-renewal notice'.

A 'non-renewal notice' is like the kiss of death. It is the ultimate low blow you can receive. It is rejection in a big way. It hurts. Go ahead and cry; let it out. There, doesn't that feel much better? I thought so. OK, moving on: When you receive a 'non-renewal' notice from the insurance company they are telling you that they no longer wish to insure you at the end of your policy term. Don't take it personally, there may be many reasons they have chosen this option.

The reasons can range from something simple such as the fact that they no longer offer your program or have chosen not to do business in your state to something not so simple such as your horrendous driving record. In any event, they don't want you anymore. In most cases, you have the right to appeal this decision but good luck. Once they have made up their mind it's going to be tough to make them change it. After wallowing in your misery for a short while, you will have to consider your options.

Your options include being uninsured. This would not be advisable for obvious reasons. Your other options include meeting any conditions imposed by the insurance company to make your risk acceptable. And of course you have the option to find another insurance company. One that likes you just the way you are.

Now, on the other hand, or in the other envelope, is a 'cancellation notice'. Many of us have seen these and know what they are. They are nasty- grams from the insurance company telling us that at a specific time on a specific date at a specific place you will no longer have insurance coverage provided by them. The reasons for these notices vary as well.

You may have overlooked your payment or you may have neglected to provide the required or requested information. In any event, it's not too late. You can save this policy by simply doing what you did not do. Make that payment or provide that information.

When all is said and done, just remember that you have options regarding both notices. In any event, you will soon have no insurance. You will have to take some action either way. Now that you are armed with this information go ahead stroll out to your mailbox. Look for that favorite magazine in there or even that previously scary insurance notice, you now know what it means and what you can do about it.

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